Spiritual Urgency Expressing Physically

The Urgency of Spirit in the Body – When Spiritual Acceleration Produces Very Viseral Physical Reactions

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Question on Healing:
(this is a composite of two separate emails on the same subject)

I was feeling as though something was trying to push its way outside of me – as best as I can describe it currently yesterday. I am not sure exactly how to explain the ‘pushing’. It mainly seems to come from my stomach/chest area. I try not to confuse that w/ anxiety. But yes… sometimes it feels like everything is sucking into my stomach area – and like its going to break its way out somehow… through my mouth/grunts, tears, thoughts, etc.

That lead me to prayer and eventually to your website. I am not sure exactly where im here to ask you for – other than maybe a prayer and any other guidance you could offer. I live in ***** Michigan area, wondering if you know of any good resources of support for women/spiritual growth/healing etc.

While I was reading your pages – I felt you may understand a lot of what ive been going through my entire life.

I grew up seeing and sensing the ‘spiritual realm’ as some may call it – like it was normal. angels/demons (aliens – however you view those Beings) – I saw both.

I’ve always had a close relationship with ‘God’. I was lead to Christianity as I grew up and i really know God used that and moved within ‘those walls’. But as I continued to grow and seek Truth, Wisdom etc… I was lead more and more out of Christianity as a religion.

God asked me (literally) if i was sure that i wanted to go on… saying being a Christian would be easier… I pushed and demanded the truth..(in return losing that support network – though it was never very strong in the first place).

I just want to continue to grow within Truth, Wisdom, Love, Light, Peace- right now i feel as though im floundering in life. So many things have happened spiritual and physical – sometimes i feel all that is left is a shell.

Related Resource: Hypersensitivity as a Spiritual Acceleration Symptom

So as to what im looking for spiritually… healing, growth, support, peace.

I pray for a spiritual mother – it seems its hard for me to find anyone to really relate to or who can relate to me very much/accept me.

also… spiritually i need a healing and cleansing I know it… I let some things that happened to me in my past in (or my partner did or both) and i just want all cords of bondage cut!

(p.s. In a separate email, this writer mentioned living a few hours from Republic, Michigan, where there are literally hundreds of miles of underground cables that transmit ELF / VLF waves for the military, allowing communication with submarines. This is the reason for the first paragraph of my response to her.)

Healing Facilitation Response:

With sensitives, not only are psychic impressions and energies sometimes challenging but I find that third-dimensional energy distortions affect us greatly as well. ELF waves are one such distortion but also there’s the EMF rays all around us from electrical appliances including the computer. The reason I asked about Republic, Michigan was that one of the two massive underground stations for transmitting ELF / VLF frequencies is located there. It’s possible these are effecting you, along with other factors.

Add to this the planetary transformation that’s happening and it’s a wonder any of us can stand up and walk around. I certainly have my challenges, physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.

Money is going away. Literally. I’m struggling with that as much as anybody. When the underpinings of society start to collapse, that society panics. We are feeling that right now, maybe more than any other time in the history of the earth.

I so understand the floundering feeling. I feel it too. The trick is to realize that it isn’t me….it isn’t you. It’s the flux. The flux of one very strong reality giving way to a new way that isn’t solid yet. It feels shaky and unfamiliar and frightening to most of us on some level or another.

I’d encourage you to just remember that this too shall pass, that this too is normal for the times and that we are never alone. I encourage you to make time every day to remember who you are. You are a divine being of light having a very challenging human experience. It’s not who you are, it’s an experience You are having.

I don’t know any healing facilitators in your area but reach out and someone will be there. I also don’t know where I’ll be a month from now but if our paths ever cross, and I can be of service in a healing way, let me know.

I think it’s wonderful that you owned your past experience by saying “I let” instead of “he did this to me”. As long as we blame others for a reality we co-create with them, we lack the power to transmute the experience for ourselves. You realize that you co-created a situation and that awareness, if held steadfastly, can help you choose differently in each moment, so the past can heal.

You speak of cords of bondage, though, and if you are feeling that there are still cords that bind you to that experience then some work around forgiveness and also around spiritual surrender and acceptance could be helpful.

Because we repeat patterns in adult relationships that are based on childhood patterns we learned, it can be important to look at healing the inner child as well.

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