The Nature of Abundance

Counting out pennies
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

We always have an abundance of something

I was counting out change today, to pay for something. Although I always save my change up in a can and spend it when it accumulates, I think that’s the first time it’s been necessary to count it out, to get something I wanted or needed.

I have not felt a financial crunch like I’m feeling now since the 1980’s. Like the rest of the world, I don’t find it pleasant to be down to counting out change and I’m not literally down to that like some folks. It must be even harder for those people. My empathy register just went WAY up.

The vast majority of spiritually conscious people who have spoken out about these times we live in are saying a collapse of the known reality is here. It is happening. They speak of money going away, completely, as a medium of exchange.

No one I’ve spoken to knows what that will look like to live in this new way. There are some ideas and some probabilities. There are potentials and possibilities.

As I wade through the world energy vibration to find my own sense of truth and reality, I think of my little experience at the store today.

I had an abundance of change today. I also could have slipped into the reality of having an abundance of lack. It would have been easy and the difference in perceptions were a hair’s breadth apart. I chose to revel in the abundance of coin I was counting out, as well as the vast abundance of conscious awareness that began to flood into me as I counted out coins.

Truth is we always have an abundance of something. More and more, it feels like my experience depends on how I focus and choose to perceive it.

Counting out pennies is better than having no pennies to count. What makes me more rich by far than this realization is the further knowing that I have created this reality and can change it the same way I created it, with consciousness, awareness and intent.

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