The Vibrational Frequency of Wealth

What is the Vibrational Frequency of Wealth?
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

What I learned by watching Oprah

I happened to catch Oprah yesterday. She had the youngest millionaires on her show. As I watched each one talk about their success, I began to see a vibrational frequency they all had in common. This frequency was very different than what we are taught to create in most motivational and inspirational workshops and seminars.

What caught my attention the most was the almost total absence of the type of worked up enthusiasm which marks most presentations. I sought to identify the qualities of the frequency which ran, like a thread, through all of these massively successful people.

They were all calm, peaceful and solid in their lives. That solid feeling wasn’t because they were rich either. They were rich because of the calm, peaceful, solid feeling. It was as if success were as normal a part of living to them as breathing and nothing to get excited about, at least not in the conventional sense of being excited.

None of them were jumping up and down, gesturing widely, pumped up or displaying what I suddenly realized would have been the ego’s interpretation of inspiration. In a flash, I realized that what was missing was literally the flash, the hype, the working up of the ego self into an idea that was not sustainable by the being as a whole.

In talking with friends, I further understood that it was like breathing. Who spends a moment in their day worrying about where the next breath is coming from or getting all excited when it does come? Only those with breathing problems. The rest of us take breathing for granted. Why wouldn’t the next breath come?

Well, these young millionaires had that same vibrational frequency of knowing with regard to wealth. Why wouldn’t the next dollar come? Or the next million? So, if that’s the true vibrational frequency of wealth, then what about all those motivational events that leave people so stirred up and excited?

If someone took a poll, a year after such an event, I believe they’d find that most did not create the success they glimpsed in the event. Why? Because the hype vibration, the frequency of elation and enthusiasm, created during the event fed the ego but not the soul.

I like the flash, the hype, the stimulation of the senses. Or, to be more exact, my ego self gets off on it big time.

What I am discovering ….. is that my soul has been waiting for me to be guided by something else. So my experiment for myself is to allow whatever engenders a calm, peaceful, solid feeling in me, to guide me.

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