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Massaging the Lymph Nodes

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Manual Lymph Drainage Examples

Just added a section at the wellness library about the importance of a healthy lymphatic system. This is an area of health that can be overlooked and should be considered.

Normal lymph function is essential to help the body clear toxins. A congested lymph system affects the entire body and can lead to more serious lymph-related conditions such as Lymphedema. If you’ve been diagnosed with lymphedema or just want to learn more about it, The Mayo Clinic has good information on health conditions including causes and side effects. Here is the Lymphedema Information

One reason so many of us may need to stimulate lymph drainage is that we don’t get enough exercise for it to happen the way nature intended. They lymphatic system circulates best when we exercise and practice regular deep breathing. If you don’t get enough exercise, your lymph system may not be circulating properly.

M-L-D stands for manual lymph drainage, a type of massage of the lymph areas in a way that stimulates lymph drainage.

Here is a pretty good video showing Manual Lymph Drainage Massage:

M-L-D for the neck and shoulders

And there is quite a lot of information on lymph massage online, including videos showing the location of all the major lymph nodes, how to do an abdominal lymph massage, how lymphatic massage therapy is used for upper body treatments and lower body, what to expect when you get this specialized type of therapy, and much more. Youtube has a lot.

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