Lymphatic Massage Benefits

Lymphatic Massage Benefits
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How Lymph Massage May Improve Your Level of Health

This is continuing health information from yesterday. I posted an article with some examples of manual lymph drainage and spoke a bit about why I think care of the lymph system is so important. Today, I want to share just a few of the health benefits of this unique type of massage.

Lymphatic Massage Therapy may help a lot of symptoms indirectly. Because the lymph system helps us develop immunity to viruses and bacteria, a poorly functioning lymph system can affect our ability to fight infection and illness.

Since one of the other primary functions of our lymphatic system is to help the body release toxins and waste, a poor lymph system may contribute to a wide range of conditions where lymph congestion could be a factor, including headaches, joint pain and arthritis, mood swings and menstrual cramps, tiredness, skin disorders including acne, weight issues and cellulite.

In particular, skin conditions such as acne may be greatly helped with lymphatic massage therapy because there are so many lymph nodes on the sides of the face, neck and tops of shoulders, as well as those under the arms and other places in the upper body.

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