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Ausome Water Product Review
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

What a difference a week can make

First, I want to say that I’m not a stranger to water that has been altered through some process or another. I’ve tried Sai Maa’s activated water (if you are unfamiliar with Sai Maa, she is a spiritual teacher/guru. Sai Maa website) , was a longtime user of Willard’s Water (haven’t used willard’s Water lately because there are so many copycats and unfortunately, there’s some kind of weird mixup with the copyright that allows them to say it’s the “original Willard’s Water”) and have also tried various other advertised structured or catalyzed waters including Penta, Evamor, Prill Water, Quinton Sea Plasma, etc.

Speaking of Sea Plasma, this may be a health supplement on it’s way to extinction before long, due to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill so if you use Quinton Sea Plasma, might wanta order a surplus now.

ps. One note on Prill Water….it releases magnesium into the water so I wouldn’t take Magnesium in other forms if drinking Prill water and I also don’t drink it exclusively when I drink it. I drink one glass of Prill Water to every two glasses of other water.

I also love alkaline water because I know the importance of keeping ph levels slightly alkaline.

I am not certain if ionization is the only way that alkaline water is produced but it’s the most common way I know, as far as filtration goes.

There are additionally water additives that can turn water alkaline and I’ve used those before, as well. I like them and they are a less expensive option for those who can’t afford an ionizer.

I first heard about Ausome Water from a message board I belong to, comprised mostly of people who have taken the Matrix Energetics Training.

Anyway, one of the members of that Matrix Energetics forum sells this Ausome Water and it is presented as a hydration enhancer and far more significantly as a spiritual tool.

Though anything that holds the promise of enhancing my spiritual experience is attractive to me, I was put off at first by the cost.

Even though I know that activated water can be truly different and beneficial, the size of the Ausome Water containers was so small, compared to other waters I’d tried. After using it and seeing how long the little bottles last, I’m realizing it’s reasonably priced.

Then, I started reading the stories of some of the people who have used it and read enough that made me think it might be worth trying. I have the Ausome Water as well as another product called Clear Light. In addition, I am experimenting with Ausome Water potentiated beads and pendant.

My favorite Matrix Energetics Product: Works fast to connect you to the field of M.E. The Matrix Energetics Experience

What you should know about my research on Ausome Water:
In the interest of fair disclosure, I want to share that the creator of these products, Keith Perry, sent the items to me at my request, for review purposes.

However, lest you think that might bias my review, my agreement with Keith was that, if I had no response or negative response, I would not publish the review. I said this because I know that spiritually potentiated products do not work with everyone but only with those ready for what the products have to offer. I also said it because I like to write about what works for me a lot more than what doesn’t work.

So …. if these products had not worked, this page would not be here. It is not biased but my actual experience with the water, which includes some symptoms that were not comfortable.

Based on the results I experienced in the first three days alone, I feel the experience will be worth sharing.

The review is up, in seven parts:

energized water experiment, day one
energized water experiment, day two
energized water experiment, day three
energized water experiment, day four
energized water experiment, day five
energized water experiment, day six
energized water experiment, day seven

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