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When the counselor becomes the counseled

I was talking with a relative about how to begin manifesting a different kind of work that would allow him more time with family, less of the 9 to 5 grind and income sufficient to provide for his family. In the middle of this conversation, I realized that I needed to listen to the wisdom that was coming out of my own mouth. How easy it is for me to see the path when I’m not personally responsible for the outcome.

I was divinely guided by a vision of how my relative could align himself with the frequency of a different life and, at the same time, I realized I wasn’t fully practicing that type of spiritual alignment in my own life. My next right action was taking my own advice.

But, back to the relative: What I saw was that setting time aside, even just 5 minutes of focused attention, to take some action toward a new way of being signals the Universe and the Divine Intelligence behind it as to what we want to manifest. That may be one of the secrets behind the Law of Attraction and other teachings on manifesting abundance, health, etc.

As long as our ideas and goals just stay in our heads, the Universe doesn’t move on our behalf because we are only creating in the realm of mind. However, the moment we engage the body in right action toward the life we want, the Divine also moves.

For example, this relative wants to make electronic components and sell them. He’s an electronics wiz. He said to me that he’d have to prepare a space before he could even think about doing that. He’d have to have a sort of assembly line area for himself, so that he could mass produce the components, not just make one at a time. I saw that if he would begin preparing that space, even if it was only to move a couple of boards or sweep out one corner of the garage, the Universe would also move.

However, the most important part was that preparing the space would have to be the focus. If he leapt ahead to thinking about how he was going to get the money to pay for the parts to build the components, I could see that the mind would then begin to interfere with the flow of Spirit. Faith had to be present and my relative had to be present with what was in front of him to do, the right action presented, and not the next thing to do.

This didn’t mean he couldn’t look at expenses, and figure out exactly what he would need. We did that together and then I sort of spiritually put that on a clipboard for God. That’s telling the universe what’s required and then letting go of it completely.

Although I have been attempting to do this in my own goal of selling my house and living free of that, I can see now that I wasn’t consistent nor was I in the frequency of faith. I put it on the clipboard but then I carried the clipboard around, checking it every day and sometimes, several times in a day. I didn’t let it go and just get on with the task in front of me, in the present moment.

Thanks to my relative for allowing me to talk to myself and to see in your reflection, an aspect of myself that I might not have seen without our conversation.

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