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An Inspiring Decision Helps the Community

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What do you throw away?

Update, 2018: I was rather surprised to see some postings about Walt’s Karaoke Cafe on facebook that seemed to suggest it had changed quite a bit. Several posted that they were charged $2.00 to $3.00 for a glass of water. Huh?!? Anyway…. you can go see for yourself.

Original Post:
I was so inspired by a story I heard on the local news. I felt proud that this was someone from the Heartland, from the south, from Alabama. It reminded me of how people pulled together during the depression and helped each other out. Not that I lived through that but my Grandmother and Grandfather did and I recognize the pioneer Spirit of generosity even in adversity that was stamped on their lives.

It was Walt, of Walt’s Karaoke Cafe in Chattanooga, Tennessee, talking about a decision he made that is helping local folks get by a little better. Walt noticed that his restaurant, like most restaurants, had to throw away a lot of food at the end of the lunch break. He wondered….why can’t we feed someone with that food?

That question led Walt to start offering the food to his regular customers. Then, he just decided to offer food at a “pay what you can” price or even free, to all his lunch customers. That’s right. If you can’t pay, you eat free. Walt says if you have a buck or two to throw down then leave it. If you’re down to your last buck, keep it and eat anyway. Just eat and leave.

Walt says he knows most people are good and doesn’t fear being taken advantage of for his kind offer. He has noticed that those who can sometimes even leave extra money, in fact.

As I watched the matter of fact way he talked about this decision, and how comfortable he was after offering this “pay as you can or free” option to his customers for 8 weeks already, I saw something in his vibrational field. It was that same solid, calm, peaceful frequency I had noticed in all the young millionaires and billionaires on the Oprah show.

It was the frequency of abundance and the owner of Walt’s Karaoke Cafe had it.

Maybe the more you give away, the more the frequency of abundance will be on you. Interesting theory, and most probably not a new one. In any case, it led me to wonder what I could give away and who would most benefit from it?

We all have something we don’t have to have or something we don’t even need, that could help someone else. Bravo, Walt, Bravo. You are an inspiration for these times we live in.

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