What is Ormus Oil?

What are ORMUS Elements?
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

m-state elements promising fountain of youth
and spiritual acceleration

I had not heard the term ORMUS until today. It applies to a particular type of product which meets certain criteria that qualify it to be recognized as having certain, rather remarkable properties, m-state elements.

ORMUS products are very interesting to the spiritually intriqued and consciously accelerating soul because they provide a bridge between the world of matter that we live in and the Spirit realm that we all came from.

To be considered an ORMUS or of possessing m-state elements, there are certain criteria according to this article by Barry Carter, titled Connecting Body and Spirit

So what are ORMUS Oils? According to Barry they will meet the following criteria:

An ORMUS formulation will contain some form of a precious metal such as gold or silver. I’ve heard more about White Gold than I have silver.

ORMUS products will be in oil form and, when dried out, will look like white flour. They are both air and vapor and they can be energized or potentiated, which is part of their appeal as spiritual enhancement products.

Earmarks of ORMUS use include noticable healing and spiritual benefits. Because they contain precious metals, ORMUS oils are typically pricey.


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