A Labor of Love

A Labor of Love

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

The Oldest Unpaid Vocation

I had about 15 members of my family over the other night, to do karaoke. It had probably been 30 years since I’d sang and danced like that and it was so much fun. However, kids will be kids and during the course of the night at least 3 drinks got spilled. One drink toppled onto a rug and the other two ended up on tablecloths.

As I looked at the tablecloth in my little kitchen alcove, I thought “why do I bother cleaning this?” I had just washed it the day before, to get out stains from the last time the nieces and nephews came to visit. This time, I just folded the tablecloth over the other way so the stain wouldn’t show. And I thought…. wow, this must be how mothers feel about cleaning every day of their lives.

It gave me a whole new appreciation for Moms and all the spills they clean up day after day after week after week after year after year. It has to be a true labor of love. Why else would they bother?

Here’s to my Mom, Mary Rachels, and all the hard work she endured for love of her children. Mom is an artist and poet. Mom is no longer with us but her legacy of unconditional love continues. She was our example of what it means to perform a labor of love with joy.

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