Closing Energetic Gridlines

Closing Energetic Gridlines
that are Hindering Manifestation of Desired Changes and Shifts

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Where is your lifeforce energy going?

In this journey I’m traveling right now, the experience I’m having with wanting to sell my house and having no outward appearance that it is close to happening, I’ve naturally looked at all alternatives.

I considered renting or leasing. I considered opening another kind of business for whatever time it takes to sell it. I’ve considered just packing up and leaving, and trusting the universe to help me cover the mortgage payment and whatever it costs me to live somewhere else.

Last night, in looking at the energetic gridlines created by all this considering, I saw a pretty chaotic mess. I saw that a certain portion of my energy was tied up in each potential but that there wasn’t enough of me in any of them to create the spark of manifestation.

I knew I had to close certain connections down or risk more delay, frustration and confusion.

I saw that I had energetic gridlines of hope out to three different people who had expressed an interest in buying the house. Nevermind that they had not acted, although it had been weeks or months since each had looked at it. I still had a tendril of myself out there connected and hoping. All those tendrils drained energy.

I also saw that I was trying to keep all gridlines open, including starting a business. When I looked at the energy outlay of starting a business, I realized something. Just the gridline of that took massive energy. If I wanted to manifest that reality and sell my house, each would need massive manifesting energy and I simply didn’t have enough awareness to create that twice.

So, yesterday I started working on closing that energetic gridline down completely so that it was not a factor in the universal direction of my spiritual path. I also started closing down the rent or lease idea because again, looking at the gridline of creating that, I saw that being a landlord was something that could limit my freedom.

Releasing Precious, Ego-Held Gridlines of Potential:
And the hardest part was closing down the idea that I could somehow still offer spiritual retreats here til the house sold. It isn’t feasible, reasonable, the right thing.

There are chicken houses across the road now and while I can’t often smell them on some days, there are other days when it is terrible for me. I have no way of predicting which way the wind will blow a month from now.

There is a way, I’m sure, to energize a spiritual solution even with this situation. However, I know where I am in my consciousness evolution and I acknowledge that I do not yet have that level of manifestation mastery.

So what’s left?

Selling the house. Period. That is the spiritual direction that incorporates right action for me. Even as I say it, part of me (the part in fear) wants to keep all these other avenues open too, even though I can see the energetic folly of doing so. What a journey it has been to simply see this. Wow. I wish it had happened sooner and I am so grateful it has happened now.

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