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If Blood Could Talk
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Live Blood Analysis Information

Have you ever had one of those live blood analysis tests that are sometimes offered at health food stores? I did years ago but I don’t think I fully appreciated how much they can tell you about the health of your blood and circulatory system. However, I should also say that this type of testing has not been evaluated by the FDA and that darkfield microscopy is not intended to diagnose disease but as an adjunctive testing method that can teach people about their own blood.

I was reading about the darkfield microscopy, another name for the live blood analysis, and it showed pictures of different states of blood red blood cells, from healthy cells to cells with thrombocyte aggregation.

Healthy red blood cells, called erythrocytes, are found and not stuck together in strange ways or clumped.

When a red blood cell contains undigested fat and protein, the cells begin to look a little oval to me and they start to clump together. This is not good for the circulatory system.

If the undigested fat and protein should increase, then the red blood cells start to look like one of those candy necklaces I used to love as a child, with the little discs of candy strung on a string. This condition is called Rouleau and inhibits the cells ability to carry vital oxygen through the body.

The Phases of Unhealthy Blood – Protein Linkage in Darkfield Microscopy
The first phase of this unhealthy change in blood cells is called protein linkage. The more advanced condition is called Rouleau. Next, if even more undigested protein and fat exist in the blood, the condition becomes Erythrocyte Aggregation, and you don’t even have to know anything about live blood analysis to know that this change is not good at all. The cells are just pilled in on each other, crammed together with no space between them. When this happens, the blood is very thick, which means the circulatory stress is under even more stress.

The darkfield microscopy may also reveal fibrin in the blood, a sign of internal inflammation, as well as cholesterol deposits (those look clear like a quartz crystal) and even thrombocyte aggregation.

I know many people facing illness use visualization to help the body’s immune system target unhealthy areas.

Actually seeing your own blood cells might help with visualizing healthy blood cells and using spiritual healing visualizations to help the body heal cells that may not be healthy. I might also be frightening so it would be important for me to be tested by someone I trusted would not go into fear language if something odd was found. Information is power as long as you don’t tap into the morphic field of fear around being ill.

Summary: First phase in the development of unhealthy blood cells is called protein linkage; next is Erythrocyte Aggregation. More serious is the presence of fibrin.

ps. Rouleau is a french word meaning “small roll” but as it is used in this article, refers to a stacking of red blood cells that is unnatural and an indicator that something is wrong with the system.

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