How does protease work?

Protease Enzyme Blends Information
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How does protease work?

I’ve long been a proponent of digestive enzyme supplementation, especially for those who choose not to eat mostly raw foods, those who are under a lot of stress frequently and those who are over the age of 35-40, when natural enzyme production may start to wane.

In particular, I’ve personally benefitted from the enzyme called protease. One role of protease is the digestion of protein, which is very important for meat-eaters since meat is hard to digest anyway. However, it’s the empty stomach effects of protease that really excite me even more than it’s digestive assistance.

When taken on an empty stomach, protease performs very differently than when taken with a meal to help with digesting proteins.

Here is what the digestive enzymes specialist from Enzyme Essentials, a company whose products I wholeheartedly recommend, has to say:

Protease will work where it’s needed.

It works in the stomach if there is protein there to digest.

If taken on an empty stomach, then it moves into the intestines and bloodstream to dissolve proteins there.

Basically, protease is not “programmed” to work only in specific areas.

Our protease is formulated to work in a wide range of pHs (from stomach to intestines to bloodstream) so that it has the most benefit.

ps from Neva: I have used their blend, called Purezyme, and it is excellent.

Some enzymes (like pancreatin made from ox or hogs) may only be active in a neutral or alkaline pH which is in the small intestine. The main benefit of fungal enzymes is the blend of wide ranging pH stability in our products. Protein digestion starts in the stomach and continues into the small intestine so our protease is formulated to “follow” the protein digestion due to its broad pH range.

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