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Nutrition for the athlete

Sports nutrition is designed to provide nutrients and formulas that help the body function better. Included in that idea is stamina, endurance and strength so a sports nutrition formula will help the athlete perform better and longer and will also help them bounce back faster after exertion.

Other types of sports nutrition are designed to help build the athetic body, focusing on nutrients for building muscle mass, increasing flexibility, etc.

IDEA Health & Fitness released a press release on the subject, covering the importance of not only what you eat but when you eat. With regard to athletes, what an athlete eats before a workout, any snacks consumed during a workout and what is eaten directly after a workout may all factor into the overall success of the athete’s regimen. The information in this press release, though aimed at professional athletes, may also help the average person in an excercise routine.

Among the ideas put forth by IDEA, calcium can help with overweight and high protein diets may cause dehydration.

With regard to those popular high protein diets that athletes often get on, the risk of dehyration increases significantly when working out. If you are on a high protein diet, you should increase fluids accordingly because your body will need a lot more water to help digest the proteins. Talk with your nutritionist and workout coach about combining carbs and proteins correctly to maximize workouts. The right combination of protein and carbohydrates will result in improved workout and training performance.

Recovery after a strenuous workout is vital for the athlete. Your body should be back to normal in a healthy amount of time and that depends on several factors.

After a strong workout, you need to take steps to make sure vital electrolytes are placed and that glycogen levels in the liver are good. Consuming carb-rich foods can help with body recovery.

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