Make Your Own Beauty Products

Making Your Own Beauty Products
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Wanta make your own soaps, candles, potpourri?
I used to make my own tinctures, flower essences, salves, etc. It must definitely be a labor of love to consider doing this because all homemade products require caring attention and tend to be labor-intensive.

If you are not spoiled, like I’ve become, by grabbing that organic skin care or spa product off the shelf, you might enjoy creating your own skin care, candles and potpourri. Or you could make them to sell. Spoiled people like me might buy them, ha.

Update: The company I had listed here became unreliable online so I’ve removed the links but you can do a search on the following products. My apologies, if I find a suitable replacement I’ll list it.

Skin Care Ingredients – In the skin care section, you will find skin care ingredients including essential oils and hydrosols, detoxifying muds and cosmetic clays, herbs with skincare properties, vegetable oils, cosmetic butters, naturally harvested bath salts and many other nutritive or functional ingredients. Fragrance oils and colorants also available.

Bath Accessories – When you’ve created your own delightful skin care products, you will need things like sponges for giving body scrubs, soap dishes, bath poufs, the right kind of brushes (you need wooden for some mixing applications, not metal) massage tools, shaving bowls and brushes, miniature soaps and other bathtime accessories.

Potpourri and Candle Making Supplies – Discover the fun of creating your own potpourri or candles. You will find a great selection of potpourri fillers like cones, flowers, pods and nuts as well as botanicals that are good to use in potpourri. Also, choose from hundreds of fragrance oils that are suitable for both potpourri and candles.

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