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Upcoming New Age Events

I used to post notices to a “Universal Expo” that took place in Perryville, Tennessee but they don’t seem to have anything listed currently so I’m adding a link to a site that updates new age and metaphysical events on a fairly regular basis.

Most fairs and festivals feature speakers, exhibitors and musicians. There is usually a wide range of educational and fun information presented including edo-friendly exhibitors and those sharing information on alternative energy sources as well as spiritual counselors, energy workers, psychics, paranormal groups and a lot more.

If you are interested in attending an expo this year, or in being a vendor, reader, workshop present or healer at a new age or metaphysical expo, this is a good resource to check. Also, if you hold events you can list your event on the site as well.


Among the events listed here, you may find herbal medicine events, yoga gatherings, psychic phenomenon festivals, healing events, educational workshops, holistic health events, crystals and gemstone shows, street fairs, eco-friendly festivals and other types of expos.

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