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Fibonacci Sequence, Gateways and Quantum K
What is Healing?

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted
A Free Healing Experience

A friend (I get by with a LOT of help from my friends) forwarded a link to a video featuring a free healing experience called Quantum K.

I went to the website and watched the 23-minute session involving fractal geometry, symbols, subliminal and conscious mind information and special music frequencies based on the fibonacci sequence.

To say I watched it is inaccurate because I definitely participated very actively. My body, cells and etheric field were all resonating with this material and allowing for some significant shifting to begin.

The entire 23-minute session is free and, in addition, there is a rather large manual explaining the Quantum K technique. This manual is also free and I’m reading it now.

I noticed a sweet resonance with the basic premise put forth by a spiritual renegade named Brian Jenner. Brian said that healing should be simple, and that it can be simply transmitted through intent.

I certainly believe that.

Brian went further to postulate that our DNA has a resonance with an is in obedience to what are called the laws of fractal geometry. According to Brian, and to Andrew Kemp who took the reigns of this pioneering healing technique after Brian’s passing, imbalances in the field can be corrected within the laws of fractal geometry, by submitting a correct equation to replace the incorrect one causing imbalance.

Although I had a wonderful renegade friend of my own years ago who told me math was a specific language that was a very high spiritual frequency, I had never heard the concept that our body understands numbers at a cell level, or that the correct sequencing of numbers could communicate directly to our DNA. After listening to this video, I can believe that.

I don’t know anything about the fibonacci sequence beyond the fact that it is named after Leonardo Fibonacci, a 12th century Mathematician who studied number sequencing in a way significant enough to have a sequence named after him.

I also do not know anything about the various small symbols on the website page, the numbers and gateways, etc.

What I know is what I felt – cellular resonance with something that was encouraging my cells to vibrate at a higher frequency. To me, that’s enough to know.

Free Quantum K Healing Experience

ps. If you want to make your hair hurt, here’s some info on The Fibonacci Sequence

4 thoughts on “Quantum K Healing Experience

  1. Many thanks to the kind soul who posted this summary, which incidentally appears higher on the Google search engine than the website to which it refers! I just want to emphasize the fact that the healing experience is free and I put it together to get to as many people as possible. The first critical mass point was reached on the day the above review was posted, as we passed the 10,000 user mark the energy of the system was somehow cemented into the Zero Point Field for the good of us all. The next critical mass point is 323,134 so to get there I will need a LOT of support and networking from people who find it has value. With lots of gratitude and blessings, Andrew Kemp

  2. Andrew: How wonderful to hear from you personally. The way you have put that site together, so without ego or self-promotion, is truly inspirational.

    I continue to use the Quantum K Free Healing Experience on a regular basis and find that it is so very helpful in these amazing times.

    We are in such a delightful and delicious shift for things to look so opposite of the reality. It’s good to have the tools that are coming in now and to have them provided free is a true blessing and in alignment with the new way.

    I am focused on simplifying my life, learning how to best present the gifts and tools I have and walk in the path of least resistance toward the marvelous changes I see coming into the planet.

    Thank you for being a light in a powerful Light-Driven moment in history.

  3. Hi Andrew and to the soul who posted this,

    I decided to give this healing modality a try last night with my partner. He was rocking to and fro, and was fidgety but enjoyed the experience. I, on the other hand, felt a delicious energetic sensation going up and down my spine.

    Throughout the healing, I was thanking all the energies in all time, space and dimensions, who were responsible in putting this most simple modality. And all throughout, I was sending an intent of love and healing to all my loved ones as well.

    Thank you Andrew, for this gift.

    elizabeth.quindara at dbschenker dot com

  4. Dear Elizabeth: Thanks so much for taking the time to record your experiences with the Quantum K healing experience. And a special thanks for reminding me of it, since it’s been quite a while since I’ve experienced it myself. I’m going to give myself that spiritual treat today. Neva

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