Update on Quantum K Healing

Update on Quantum K Healing Experiences
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Continued Benefit with Free Healing Service

After hearing from the creator of the Quantum K Healing Experience that is being offered online and for free, I realized I hadn’t posted on this since I started using it.

I continue to benefit from exposure to the fibonacci sequence, the master fractal equations and the other aspects of the Quantum K experience. My neck pops and releases every time I listen, and I feel shifts through various parts of my body each time as well. In addition, I am noticing issues rising for clearing of an emotional and mental nature.

What I really like about this system is the integrity in the way it is put together.

Before it begins, there is an affirmation stating that only those suggestions that are for each individual’s highest good will be received and acted upon. This is so important in any type of healing structure that is as powerful as this one because people are at different levels of spiritual evolution and while some may resonate with every statement given, others may not.

I also much appreciated the notice before the spiritual healing segment, letting me know that I could forego this part if it did not resonate with me on my path. I sometimes do forego that last section.

Other times, I open myself to the perspectives and teachings that are there and ask that integration and alignment of words that seem out of resonance with my current level of spiritual truth occur. I have learned that words sometimes separate us when such separation is really not necessary. Back of however something true is worded, is intent. The intent of this person, Andrew Kemp, feels entirely of the heart to me so I am grateful for the connection he offers online.

If you have not tried the Quantum K Free Healing Experience, I recommend it. However, also be prepared for the potential of activation symptoms and the flushing out of emotional, mental or physical toxins. This would be true of any effective healing method and I find it true of this one.

What is the fibonacci sequence? A sequence of numbers that appear in all nature. These numbers are There’s a scientific explanation here: Fibonacci Sequence. From that website: “Any two successive Fibonacci numbers have a ratio very close to the Golden Ratio, which is roughly 1.618034.”

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