At Omega Institute, Yippie!

Arriving at Omega Retreat Center for Volunteer Work in 2009 Season
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The Journey of Many Nows to Omega

I’m finally here. I’m in Rhinebeck, New York at The Omega Institute. It’s hard to believe I’ve only been here a week. It feels, in one way, as if I’ve always been in community like this and, in another way, could I possibly have had all the experiences I’ve had in one short week of linear time?

The trip from Alabama was tiring and mostly uneventful. I finally arrived and went to my dorm. For those who have never worked at a non-profit community retreat center, seeing the lodging can be a bit of a shock the first time.

I had a little heads up about that due to my coming here in October of 2008 to take the Matrix Energetics Intensive with Richard Bartlett. Rather than being a healing modality with specific structure, Matrix Energetics is a quantum physics approach to shifting reality, what Richard calls a consciousness technology.

ps. Wanta personally experience this consciousness technology? Highly recommend this Matrix Energetics set.

Although I was here as a participant that time and not as staff, I still chose the least expensive lodging available and so staff lodging actually turned out to be a little bigger than that so I was pleasantly surprised.

Simple, sparse and sometimes untouched through the New York winter, the dorms might house mice, spiders, etc.

Depending on how neat the previous staff member was, more or less cleaning might also be in order. I was lucky in that I found none of those in my little room. However, I did find a small room, compared to what I was used to living in. I also found a propane leak, which I discovered after several nights of waking disoriented and stopped up. There was nothing done about this while I was there.

Nonetheless, one of the biggest adjustments is simply having so many other people in such close proximity. Omega has a quiet hours policy that I appreciate deeply, from 10 pm to 9 am. Mostly it is honored … and there are those who are not considerate. Whenever someone would tramp down the hall at an ungodly hour, my patience was tried.

Omega does not allow cell phone use on campus. I appreciate that too and ….. I sometimes need to communicate with the outside world.

So, anyway, settling in much faster than I thought I would the first few days and having such rich, deeply fun and expansive experiences already that I know I can let the lodging be what it is and focus on the “so much more” that is here and available.

I’ll be blogging as I find time. I’ve already taken several very fascinating classes and will write about those fun experiences soon.

My First Week at Omega

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