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This is just a reminder that I have created several topic-specific health, wellness and spirit collections of articles on my main site at www.askahealer.com

A few popular health-related sections are:
All About Herpes Simplex Virus – This section includes information on types of herpes simplex virus infections, natural and prescription drug treatments for herpes, helpful information about the way herpes is contracted, spread and prevented, and more. Also, here on the wellness blog, we have several very comprehensive sections on herpes. I’d start with the hidden dangers of herpes

All About Detoxing – Detoxing on all levels is something I look at for optimal wellness. There are many, many different types of detox programs and ways to detox. How do you decide which detox program will work best for you or what type of detox you need? These articles may help.

All About Body Wraps – I have had body wraps I loved and body wraps I absolutely hated. Some I liked because they made my skin feel more toned and softer; others I enjoyed because they seemed to make my joints feel better and more flexible. There are some myths about bodywrapping that you need to see through, though, to have a good perspective about this idea of using body wraps to lose weight. This series covers types of bodywraps, how to get the most out of a wrap and much more.

A few popular spirit-related sections are:
Living an Abundant Life in a Spirited Way – This is a series on the different components that add up to a joyful abundant life. It’s important to qualify because we can have an abundance of pain and lack in our lives too so this isn’t about that; it’s about having an abundance of joy, laughter, clarity, creative inspiration and wealth on all levels.

Living an Actor’s Life in a Spirited Way – I am passionate about acting as a spiritual tool for both transformation at a personal level and sending out a transformative vibe to others. I take a metaphysical approach to acting because it then aligns acting with the rest of my path.

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