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This is an ongoing spiritual and self-expansion experience. Go to the Omega Experience Page to start at the beginning.

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Going Vegetarian Made Easy – Enjoying the Omega Food Experience so far

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This is part three of a series on my experience volunteering as Seasonal Staff at The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. To read from the beginning start with

Getting the job at Omega
Arriving and Settling in at Omega
My First Week at Omega

I’ve been moving away from eating meat for years now. I was raised as a heavy meat-eater and it has always been kinda tough for me to give it up entirely.

One of the perks for me, in working at Omega, is that their food is almost entirely vegetarian. They do serve salmon (which I love and still eat) very occasionally and also eggs, butter, milk, etc. but no meat. Since I’ve been here, I can honestly say I haven’t missed meat at all. This is pretty amazing to me.

I discovered my body loves, loves, loves this kind of food. For example, tonight we had roasted acorn squash with rosemary (double-yum), white bean and tomatoe casserole (yum!) a spinach and cheese dish I can’t pronounce, the usual dark leaf salad with various fixin’s like pepitas, cheese, carrots, beets, etc. and a scrumptious cauliflower soup. They always have lots of good breads including organic multi-grain, millet, rice bread, crackers, etc.

Omega does serve foods that contain sugar, in their desserts. Lucky for me they only serve deserts on days with T’s in them (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) so I’m not constantly tempted. If I could change one thing about the cooking, it would be replacing sugar with agave in the deserts.

There is always a separate section that contains entirely vegan food too, like black eyed peas, quinoa salad, black beans and rice. I like those foods too.

And there are always tofu options. I’m not a big tofu eater….well, don’t eat it at all really but it’s pretty popular amongst the Omega crowd. Other foods like Seitan and Tempeh also served. I like the Tempeh in some dishes and not in others. The Seitan…well, a little goes a long way with me. Anyway, I am noticing that my elimination is a lot better and so is my digestion.

I’m a wellness counselor and I very frequently get questions from people with colon concerns so I’m bold enough to share that I was afraid I’d have a lot of flatulence eating so much more high-fiber food than I normally do. Intestinal distress has been minimal, I’m happy to report.

I believe this is due, in part at least, to the concious food combining that is part of the meal planning here. There is an emphasis on probiotics, complete proteins and other components of healthy eating. I am hoping that eating this way entirely for the seven months I’ll be working here will stablize the habits in me so strongly that it won’t be too much of a challenge for me when I go back out into the meat-eating world again. All I can say is yum, I’m loving this food.

The Entertainment at Omega Seasonal staff and volunteers (only difference is that seasonal staff get a SMALL stipend every month for more of a full time work position that is stable where volunteers might be working in different types of tasks day to day, or at least that’s the way it was when I volunteered.)

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