Entertainment Nights at Omega

Entertainment Nights at Omega

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Dances and Talent Shows
Part of the Seasonal Staff Fun

Still thoroughly enjoying the yummy and health food at Omega. I have to watch it though. Soy and tofu don’t agree with me and sometimes they are in things I don’t suspect them in. Tonight, we had a wonderful sage gravy with some bisquits that were sort of unique. Hard on the outside and flavored with herbs. The gravy was great but it was only after I ate it that I heard someone say it had TVP. Texturized vegetable protein. I think that’s soy….not sure though, but it sure tasted good.

(Update: My body does NOT like soy. Brings on hot flashes every time. It took me a while to figure this out!)

Still struggling with the intense, intense training required for the faculty support position. They weren’t kidding when they said it involved a lot.

Last night, we had our first dance of the season. It was in the main hall with a screen big enough to give sort of a concert feel. It felt a little like actually being in the audience as Journey (man, Steve Perry had a voice!), Eddie Money, The Cars, James Brown and other folks performed. This must have been the gentle intro into the dances because it seemed geared more to my age group than the younger folks. I’m betting they will have other dances that I’ll have to walk out of, ha.

Tonight, in just an hour in fact, is the first open mic. I’ve signed up to sing, since that terrifies me. Now put me on stage or in front of the camera acting and I’m fine but singing….whew, that’s scary intense. So, I signed up. I can’t think of a safer place to be afraid. I’ll let you know how it goes…it’s funny but I can’t remember the words to any of my own songs right now.

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