John of God Water

My Third Day with Blessed Water – John of God Water
This is an ongoing spiritual and self-expansion experience.
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by Neva J. Howell
John of God Blessed Water

There was a bottled water on my desk when I started at Omega. I didn’t notice at first that it said “John of God water” on the front. I asked what that meant and learned that, when John of God comes to Omega, he blessed all the water while here.

My awareness is that water can take an energetic charge better than just about any substance on earth and that, when blessed water is introduced to the system, it can facilitate opening and expansion in a way that the body understands and can integrate. I’ve found it an excellent way to receive frequency alignment and spiritual baptism in the frequency of a particular teacher.

I enjoyed drinking the water activated by Sai Maa and have written extensively about my experience with another type of special water that, though not blessed by a particular teacher, is created in a way that infuses spiritual frequency that can be healing and expanding to experience.

That particular water is called Ausome Water.

I started adding a bit of the water to the regular water (well, that’s a whole other post but the water here at Omega is exceptional) and drinking it. The first few days, I didn’t notice anything in particular.

The third day, I could literally feel John of God standing at my left side at times. I am not sure why it took three days but I’m enjoying this experience.

His energy, and this is just my experience, is strengthening, calming, balancing and also infused with humor. I don’t know if this is how John of God is as a person or if it’s just how he is appearing to me.

Either way, I’m finding his energy to be supportive, empowering and fun.

I’m told that the four days John of God is at Omega, there will be 1,200 people a day coming through to see him. Wow. I’m also told that the very air is infused with the energy of his work with so many. I think he’s coming in September so I’m looking forward to being here then.

When I came to Omega last year as a participant, taking the Matrix Energetics workshop, John of God had just been there the week before. To be honest, there was so much I felt during that week that I couldn’t say what was the residual of John of God and what was Matrix Energetics and what was Alberto Villoldo, who was also teaching a workshop that week and whose energy I definitely was aware of a few times.

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