Surviving Open Mic Night

I survived my first open mic

This is an ongoing spiritual and self-expansion experience. Go to the Omega Experience Page to start at the beginning.

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An Explosion of Spirited Creativity

Well, I made it. I sang a song at the open mic. It’s been one of my biggest creative fears so it feels good to have done it.

I sang a song my sister Debbie wrote. I didn’t realize it when I decided to do that but it was comforting to have “family” with me in some way. And I love the song too. So did everyone else.

It’s called “Don’t it Hurt” and it is beautiful. Thanks Debbie, for being with me through the song and being with me in my life.

There was such an amazing, amazing blend of different types of creative talent. I didn’t stay for the entire show and I still saw so much that stays with me. Wonderful singing, playing, comedy with a spiritual message (irreverently wonderful), poetry, dancing, etc.

One of the many, many perks of working with an organization such as Omega is that you get exposure to such a wide range of people, from all over the world. So many different spiritual paths are represented here and so many creatively spiritual expressions.

The art hut is open today and, from what I understand, you can just go in and do whatever you like. They have all sorts of art mediums available, all types of textures and colors. I’m excited to check that out today.

I so love my days off too, though starting next week, there will be so many wonderful classes to take on the weekends that I doubt it will feel like a day off.

Omega officially opens next weekend though we have a shaman healing workshop going on this week that is not in the catalog. I am not participating actively in that and yet, I feel the energy building around it.

Varied experience is in the air here. Creativity is abloom.

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