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Omega Experience – Too Much to Keep Up

This is an ongoing spiritual and self-expansion experience. Go to the Omega Experience Page to start at the beginning.

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Catching up on Omega Happenings

I’ve written articles online for years. However, I was also pretty much a hermit for a lot of those years and had plenty of time to write. I’m as far from that lifestyle now as I could imagine…..part of that feels good, other parts not so good yet.

I’ve got piles and piles of notes for posts about my Omega Experience as a seasonal staff member. I’m wondering how I’ll ever get it all posted!

Just going to hit some highlights now…..

Today, Omega staff members planted 8,000 plants for the Omega Center for Sustainable Living. Pretty darn big enterprise. From what I understand, only one of it’s kind.

It will be what’s called a “Living Building”. How cool is that? It’s a natural waste treatment facility that cleanses water by mimicking nature. It will clean the water without any hazardous chemicals, and do it better.

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How my job is going:
On the work front, I still struggle with the very high demands of my position here. It’s been a challenge on many levels to go back into the “work force”, even a workforce as unique as the one that propels Omega.

Omega provides both counselors and life coaches for the seasonal staff and I’ve seen both this week. Both were extremely helpful. That’s one good thing. The folks at the helm at Omega fully know how hard coming into this way of living and working can be for those who have never done it before, and they provide a lot of transition support. For that, I am grateful.

One clarity that came with the counselor was that nature helps me find joy and reconnect when I’ve been in my mind with a lot of detail work so I’ve started going and sitting out in nature on my part of my lunch break.

The squirrels, groundhogs, chipmunks and birds here are different in that they are not at all afraid. They have been safe so long that they trust it. Very different being with them than with animals elsewhere. Special. For example, I never knew squirrels could be playful…I mean, with humans. These are playful with me. It’s so much fun to interact with them.

Well, tired from another long day at Omega so til later, night night.

Leaving the Omega Campus

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