Dr. William G. von Peters Interview

Dr. William G. von Peters Interview

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Life Quest® Formulas, Inc. – Help from Nature for Chemtrails

I became familiar with the work of Dr. von Peters while researching information on anything that could possibly give relief for the effects of chemtrails, ELF waves and other forms of environmental toxicity. I’m so happy William agreed to do this short interview to familiarize people with the Life Quest Formulas and, in particular, those that address chemtrails. I was excited to hear that he has also been working on a formula specific to those who suffer from sensing and feeling the ELF waves.

How long have you been making Lifequest Formulas and what got you into that work?

Life Quest was founded by the late Dr. Albert Nehl. I bought Life Quest® Formulas, Inc. from his widow, Dr. Helga Nehl in 2001. As you know, I’m a Chartered Herbalist as well as a Naturopath, Homeopath and Oriental Medicine Doctor. So I’ve made my own formulas for a long time. This was an opportunity to maintain Dr. Nehl’s excellent formulas, and add my own into the product mix.

Why did you create the Chemtrails Defense Pack?

I became friends with Don and Carol Croft. Don has created a superior line of zappers he calls Terminator Zappers. These help with many types of bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections; and had been successful with health problems caused by chemtrails residues.

Chemtrails spraying began in 1999, and immediately sickened a substantial percentage of people who were sprayed. While Don’s zappers were initially very successful in dealing with the problem alone, the continual weakening of the immune systems meant something else was needed.

Consequently, Don asked me to formulate a remedy specifically to reverse the effects of the chemtrails upon the body. The result is the Chemtrail Defense Pack.

What does ChemBuster and the other formulas in the defense pack do?

As I state on my website “I developed this remedy as a “silver bullet” to help the people of the world recover their health and well being.

It is specifically designed to quickly move the body back into healing mode so that the body regains the ability to heal itself.”

Other Products Included in the Chemtrails Defense Pack Include:
Sea-Quest – A proven herbal from Russia that was created to help the body remove heavy metals and radioactives which were present after the Chernobyl disaster. Sea-Quest contains a special seaweed extract which provides nutritional benefit as well as vitamins and minerals.

Io-Quest – Detoxified iodine. Edgar Cayce recommended detoxified iodine in his readings.

Immuno-Quest – Helps to maintain immune system function. Originally developed by Dr. Albert Nehl.

Drainage-Quest – Helps detoxify the organs (liver, kidney, spleen) to reduce healing crisis symptoms, also called Herxheimer reactions due to detoxification. (Developed by Dr. von Peters.

Do you have other products that go well with ChemBuster?

All of the products in the Life Quest® line go well with ChemBuster, and we have really had no problems with ChemBuster not working with various regimens.

Don Croft strongly recommends ChemBuster for use with his Terminator Zapper, as a 1 – 2 punch. The zapper by the way is available on Don’s site at worldwithoutparasites dot com.

Does ChemBuster address the issue of ELF Waves too or do you have any plans to create a formula that might?

It will help mitigate some of the effects of ELF Waves but was not really designed to do that.

And yes, I have a formula ready now for ELF problems called, of course, ELF-Quest for symptoms from ELF waves. I have field tested it with good results and it will be released shortly.

What would you say about the LifeQuest® Homeopathics that sets them apart from all the other homeopathic remedies out there?

First is that I don’t like to play around with problems. I believe in bang for the buck, and in good complex remedies that do the job. That is the way I build my remedies. So they are designed to do the job as quickly as possible, and a cheaply as possible.

Second, I have developed specific advanced manufacturing methods that set Life Quest® products apart. HomeoHerbals© for example, that are designed to pick up orgone/bio energy and deliver it to the body to increase the healing effects, and reduce the time it takes to do the job.

Third, we are not a “me too” site. Life Quest® doesn’t try to sell what everybody else sells. We produce very good products for specific treatment goals. So we don’t try to have a huge product list, only an excellent one that “exceeds the standards”.

Thanks for your time and feel free to add any other question and answer or comment that may occur to you.

Two quick things. First, I might add that we are currently offering a special on Hay-Quest our product for Hay-Fever sufferers. Buy $35 worth of products and you can use a coupon code 46eb94 for 15% off the price of Hay-Quest.

Second, I import Russian neurological biofeedback units (the Pro-Vitalizer series) for pain and injury relief. The PRO-VITALIZER PLUS is truly amazing in being able to succeed with pain and injury relief where even opiates may fail. I might add that these units are the ultimate survival tool for healing.

Thank you for the opportunity to get the word out about Life Quest® Formulas. God bless.

Dr. William G. von Peters, OMD, NMD, PhD

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