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Samples of Omega Meals

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One of the perks of volunteering at the Omega Institute is great food. I’ve been jotting down a few notes at some of the delicious meals I’m eating at Omega, for those who might be thinking of coming or working as seasonal staff.

I will say up front that I’m not a big soy fan and there’s a bit too much of that for my taste here. If you love soy and tofu, man will you be in heaven. To their credit, it seems to me that the chefs at Omega take different tastes into consideration because they almost always provide something that is a non-soy option.

Here’s just a few of the foods I’ve had….

Yum Foods:
Collards w/tomatos and onions
Baked beans
Alice’s slaw
Saffron rice
Eggplant Provencale

Lots of dishes with tofu, soy, seitan and tempeh….Too many to mention, jerk, bbq, sauteed with veggies, any which way these can be used, they are. Omega always provides a section with completely unseasoned, plain vegan foods as well. Blackeyed peas, kidney beans, quinoa, kale, etc. I often eat from this line and season to taste.

Double-Yum Foods:
Lentil soup – one of my favorites here.
Corn and Pepper Soup – Oh wow, was this good!
Baked Acorn Squash – Seasoned to perfection and so yum!
Chili Corn Pie – Loved this one too.

Steamed Kale – another one of my favorites though I really never ate it before coming here. Sometimes they add oil and pine nuts but I also like it just plain with a little Braggs on it, or Tamari.

Spinach salad w/cranberries, walnuts, feta cheese and a vinegar-based dressing – I like sweet dressings so sprinkled some agave in and wow, was it good!)

Vegan crab cakes – I think these had soy but I ate em anyway because they were so delicious and I loved the fresh-made remolade sauce. First time I’d ever had remolade. Good stuff

Very Good but Not Quite Yum (to me):
Wild grain rice pilaf
Baked Polenta
Blackened squash
Pasta and White Bean Soup

In addition to the main dishes, Omega always, always, always has a big salad spread. They have a delicious mix of spring greens and spinach plus various fixings that are always great. Fresh-made salad dressings which, again, often contain soy. They usually have a non-soy version as well though.

What you don’t find much of, if any, at Omega is fish (no other meat, ever, though chicken is sold in the cafe). They also don’t serve a lot of deserts. Just on the days with T’s. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Great deserts though, topnotch. Rich to the point of decadence. I LOVE Omega deserts ….. and …. I’m glad they don’t serve them every day.

Drinks include coffee, herbal teas, filtered water and various fruit juices.

Gangaji and Uttamaji

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