Gangaji and Uttamaji

This past week at Omega – Gangaji and Uttamaji workshops

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Gangaji and Uttamaji

Gangaji, for anyone not familiar, is a spiritual teacher who shares her message through a process of inquiry.

In response to being asked what her message is, she says the essence of what she wants to share is that “it is possible to discover that the core of your being is absolute joy and fulfillment.” She says her message is that she is here to support people in that discovery. This of course is just a hint of an idea about Gangaji. I enjoyed watching a few of her videos on her website.

I never even saw here when she was at Omega but I saw those who had been helped to shift perception through her words and energy. I watched people filing out of the main hall after hearing her, some sitting down on the steps in silence and stillness, others wandering with questions on their faces, still others wafting out and through the winding trails around Omega, spreading their consciousness fluxes among others also in flux from another experience.

One rather discordant fact that I didn’t write about at the time, because I was volunteering at Omega and it seemed inappropriate was the extraordinary lengths to which the Omega staff and the devotees of Gangaji had to go, to bring Gangaji to the institute. She got “the big house” and it had to be all draped in white, white cloth over all the surfaces. She had to have fresh flowers every day, etc. Lots and lots of requirements.

During that same week, Uttamaji came to give the Oneness Blessing. Also known as Deeksha, I had just recently heard of the Oneness Blessing before coming to Omega. A friend of mine had experienced it in Ashland, Oregon and spoke of it in good ways. Then, after coming to Omega, I experienced it with a facilitator named Luc who offers it weekly to the Omega staff who wish to receive it. I did not get to go to the Oneness Blessing with Uttamaji because volunteer staff only get to pick a couple of workshops to attend and I chose Snatam Kaur and one other from the huge list of presenters.

I will be writing about that experience in weeks to come. It has been quite powerful the two times I’ve done it so far and I look forward to receiving the Oneness Blessing Transmission every week that it is offered while I’m at Omega.

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