A Remarkable Two Days

A Weekend of Healing and Opening

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Source Healing, Magical Awakening, Tai Chi, Journey Dance (sort of)

It’s a little hard for me to believe it’s only been two days I’ve had off from work. So much has shifted during my time off from volunteer work.

I went to a Source Consciousness Group Healing (also attended a 3-hour workshop with the same people (Alexandra J. Marquardt and Richard Skurla) that was phenomenal. I spent almost the entire hour in pain. Not just small pain, either. Large, persistent pain. So what’s so wonderful about that? Because my body insisted on showing up in a major way, to light up every aspect of residual resistance I still had in me, all at once. Afterwards, I felt as free and light as I had felt constricted and in pain.

I’ll have a lot more to say about Source Consciousness and, in particular, the supremely beautiful experience I had with Richard Skurla in the 3-hour workshop I attended before the group healing. Of course, that will be hard to put into words.

The workshop brought me, full circle and in a potently transformative way, to an experience I had years ago with a special artifact. I received what I call a direct energy transfer when I held an old and very unusual ceremonial pipe.

After that group healing, I went to a one on one Magical Awakening healing with a beautiful soul whose name I cannot spell. Her name sounds like Fellene. During that session, I continued the transmutation started at the Source Consciousness group healing.

That night, I danced to the rhythm of drums and tamborine as Layne Redmond and guests performed, to cap off my Saturday healing journey.


Today, I went to a fantastic tai chi class and then showed up in the rain for a class called Journey Dance. Because there was only myself and one other person, the teacher wisely decided to work with us at our level. We were both older and less flexible than some of the young’uns who might have been there so she worked with us, with delicate grace, to help our bodies stretch and open. At one point, I had a very intense emotional release and, as I was releasing, realized that this was from something back in 2000. Amazed that there was so much still there from an event I thought I’d cleared, I emerged from this release feeling literally like a new person. That new person then luxuriated in the sauna and went to the cafe for some of the best fresh quacamole and chips I’ve ever tasted.

I’m off to a tarot class here in a bit.

Just another weekend at Omega.

Evaluating the Spirit Dance Here

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