Omega Spiritual Evaluation

Four and 1/2 weeks into a Spiritual Adventure

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Evaluating my Seasonal Staff Experience After a Month Plus at Omega

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I’ve been at the Omega Institute since April 6. There are so many posts I have yet to make. I want to speak more on Deeksha, Magical Awakening, Runic Yoga, Source Consciousness Healing and other experiences offered here. And I want to speak of energies that do not resonate with me….in a space absent of judgment and rich with discernment. I am working on that, ha.

I want to speak of the challenges on the mental, physical and emotional levels as well, because those have led me to a decision point of staying or going.

Among the Many Blessings….

As I walk around the lush, lush green grounds of Omega, hearing continual birdsong and watching the animals play in a fearless way I’ve seen nowhere else, I feel a connection to nature that is like a balm to my soul. If you ever go to Omega, try to go in the spring. It’s tremendously healing here on the grounds right now.

I also see many smiling and beautiful faces as I walk, each in their own personal journey of spiritual awakening and exploration. These are extraordinary people. Some I resonate with at a soul level. All, I respect for having the courage to come here.

There’s a lot here and there’s a lot that is missing. Cooking and cleaning are mostly missing. I haven’t had to cook a meal or wash a dish in 6 months. I haven’t even had to clean a bathroom, buy toilet paper or paper towels.

Also missing, almost entirely, is money. Of course, it’s taking money from somewhere for this place even to exist and yet, I have not had to personally deal with money. I have not had to think about money to live, for six weeks. It’s been enough time for me to disconnect almost completely from that structure of living. The few times I’ve had to think of money, almost all of those times having to do with “things”, it was hard. Paying my cellphone bill and my car insurance felt kind of yucky.

Paying for a house I’m not even using even more yucky. Holding dollars in my hand now, I can’t really understand it. It’s just paper. So, how will I function in the real world now? I may find out soon.

Snatam Kaur at Omega

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