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Channels of Divine Light

This post is part of an ongoing spiritual adventure, working as seasonal staff at The Omega Institute in New York. Start here to read previous posts: Omega Experience Page

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An offering of energetic transmission

I have just come back to my room after an hour and a half with Snatam Kaur and the band of spiritual alchemists who play and chant with her at concerts. I want to write this right now, because I believe this way I’m feeling can be transmitted, just as it was transmitted through these Divine channels of Light. If you open yourself to the experience, and breathe out resistance or belief systems, and breathe in open space toward your heart, something Sacred is being offered.

Snatam Kaur went behind a screen and nursed her beautiful, beautiful baby just prior to the concert. It started then, this feeling of the Divine Mother pouring through the entire room. Breathe. My heart began to immediately open and I felt as if I were being nursed by the Divine Mother as well, nurtured in a way that created safe and Sacred space for all that followed.


When the music started, even before voice, I began to weep as I felt a Love so Divine that I could barely stand opening that much that fast. The Love I felt seemed simultaneously to be enfolding me and pouring into me while emerging from a core of me that I recognized as who I Am. I weep again as I remember and feel again the expansion of my heart center.


Next, Snatam Kaur spoke of God’s will and surrendering into that will, trusting that will, walking from a place where that is all there is. This is what I heard. I have a feeling each heard what they needed to hear, in the way they needed to hear it.

Hear. Breathe.

Then, two more beautiful, gloriously beautiful and divinely channeled songs. And a violin segment that reminded me of Riverdance and my southern bluegrass roots in a way that was affirming of lost memories of the divinity within all music. Original music that endures, endures because there is the divine in it.

Feel. Breathe.

I stood so full and in love with all that is. Glancing out the window at the sweetness of the trees, lush green and damp from continual soft rain, I saw that I was one with them, with all. This is when Snatam gave us these words to sing:

The infinite is within me
There is no beginning and there is no end
All is my Self

And the concert closed with a blessing

May the longtime sun shine upon you
All Love surround you
And the Divine Light within you
Guide your way home.

Aho. Amen. Namaste.

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