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This post is part of an ongoing spiritual adventure, working as seasonal staff at The Omega Institute in New York. Start here to read previous posts Omega Experience Page or continue to read this post.

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Pieces of a Spiritual Puzzle

As I mentioned in a recent post, I have turned in my notice that I will not be staying in the position at Omega for which I was originally hired.

This was a difficult challenge and pushed many of my “save the world” and “honor your commitment” buttons. I agreed to be here for 7 months. However, I could not have imagined the reality of the work til I was in it, doing it. Being miserable for 40 hours a week does not help the planet or ultimately save anyone. It creates a negative, draining environment.

So, I am leaving the job position at Omega which I accepted. At this point, there is no other opening so that effectively means I’m leaving Omega.

Another massive piece of information that came back to me happened when I attended a Source Consciousness workshop. A cranial osteopath co-teaching that workshop, Richard Skurla, adjusted my shoulders. It only took a few seconds and it changed everything. It brought me back round to the energy of the Pipe. I had waited 9 years to feel that again. I knew it was telling me that the long dark night of the soul I had endured was over and that the answers were coming.

That leads me to what happened yesterday. For the past two weeks, in particular, pieces of my own life work have been brought to me through experiences at Omega.

Deeksha was a part of that, showing me what mattered most in keeping my connection to Source was that I not support systems which, to my body, mind, emotions and Spirit, do not support that Oneness of all things. Deeksha is controversial and I’ve written about that on my site for those who may want to know the pros and cons of it. Is Deeksha a spiritual scam?

I have voiced strong feedback for those who make the decisions that ultimately decide the staff responsibilities. That’s the end of my responsibility.

Now, the utterly amazing dance of Spirit is such that once we make a firm decision in favor of Oneness and Stepping More Fully on Our Path, things speed up mightily. Yesterday, I wrote about the tremendous (and that is too small a word) heart opening experience I had with Snatam Kaur. After that experience, I went into a Gatekeeper Training with Parashakti that gave me the next to last piece of this puzzle I’ve been putting together since touching the Pipe in 2000.

I’m so grateful. So grateful.

Now, the final piece of the spiritual puzzle is …. where am I going? Am I to stay here at Omega or Be somewhere else?

I embrace that I can do this joyful sharing of spiritual gifts wherever I am …. and ….. I want to allow optimal placement by Source. Release and surrender are significant points of focus now.

Life After Omega

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