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If this is a spiritual wellness and natural healing information center, then why there are ads on this site

Healthy Choices Privacy Policy

Disclosure of ad policy for Healthy Choices Well Blog

It takes a LOT of time to research, answer wellness questions and be available to those who are interested in learning more about natural healing. Research and typing take hours of my time on most days. That is time when others are at some type of work or another. Maintaing and updating this wellness portal and my main site at comprise most of my work time and I offset the time I spend in this labor of love by also including advertising. This is not new on the internet. What is new is full disclosure and transparency.

See the ads above this line and to your left?  They are from google and they help me earn income for the health care and spiritually oriented information I provide here.  Web advertising plays a part in the overall health of any person who is in the business of providing information online and, as such, can be expected on most sites that are not privately funded and maintained by someone’s money.

When your primary product is free information, there must be someway to earn income that does not include product sale and distribution. That’s where online advertising comes in.
 What is a privacy policy?

In general, a privacy policy lets readers know what the advertising policy of the webmaster is, with regard to promotional links and other forms of web advertising.

I considered a lot of different programs.  I think I looked at all of them, really, over time.  Many did not provide truly targeted information that I felt my readers could use. Some allowed what I consider to be ad only sites to advertise and basically just present a bunch of junk.  Google adsense appeared to be the best option for helping me generate honest income from related subjects, in a way that I could feel good about.

You may see topic-specific ads from media dot net or google adsense on this site, along with affiliate links for products that I personally believe in and share with others.

Healthy Choices Privacy Policy

Other than the google ads, I have certain companies that I work with and respect and you will see what are called affiliate links to those sites whenever those companies have either additional, related articles that contain good info or a specially developed product that I believe may be helpful to you.

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