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Guest Article on Spiritual Growth
from Life Coach Veronica Drake

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Learning to Live Your Life’s Purpose

Note from Neva: I had never experienced what a Life Coach does until I went to one during my volunteer staff experience at Omega. I have only had one session with a life coach and yet, that one session taught me a lot. I don’t know if every life coach is this way but what I experienced was a compassionately objective person positioned to creatively motivate and inspire. That was useful to me. I got this article today from life coach Veronica Drake and, since my own experience was so useful, decided it would be good info for my readers here. If you are feeling stuck in your life path or purpose, a good life coach might be able to inspire, stir and help you release old patterns.

What one thing will you do today to live your life’s purpose?

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Have you ever had that feeling that says your insides are slowly seeping out through your pores? It’s a feeling that begs for attention by a gnawing and relentless banging on your intestines. If we are lucky, every once in awhile we experience something that creates that very feeling in us. That is the feeling of growth!

One moment we are confident and certain – sometimes overly certain – about who we are. And then boom, in just a drop of a word our whole sense of self is open for definition. Defining ourselves should be something we do as a basic human function with the guidance of a Higher Being. However, most times we allow others to define us, or worse yet, we allow our worldly possessions to define us. We become what we have and who we surround ourselves with. Sometimes we even become those dead-end, lack-luster jobs we hold. But in order to keep the definition of who we are, we have to have a paycheck to support our position in the world. A position often created from a false reality.

My life, at times, has been a series of ever changing definitions. I can remember many trips to the local Macy’s store with my best friend. It seems we spent endless hours trying to find the prettiest, most popular hat in the store. And like Cinderella, we tried with all of our heart and soul to find the perfect fit. All we needed was that one hat that complimented our skin tone, our face shape and our personalities. And, of course, we’d pray for it to be on sale so we could justify the purchase.

After many giggles and tears of happiness we’d finally find the hat that defined us. It accentuated our style, our mood, our body shapes even our status in the world. The hat was perfect except for one snag, it was not on sale. The hat came with a price tag too big to justify, too hard to swallow. So, we reluctantly put the perfect hat back on the rack actually fearing the expense of ownership.

Why do we need justification? Does it make the need or the want any more or less important? Suddenly, we find ourselves looking for approval from the saleswoman, and from other shoppers. We start to become influenced by all the outside forces. We become confused and scared. The perfect hat suddenly becomes secondary. We are now focused on all the outside reasons for the hat. Internally we are shattered and uncertain.

Our lives sometimes mirror that trip to the hat department; at least I know mine does. I have, in a sense, been trying hats on for more than 20 years. I have reinvented myself over and over. I have tried new hair styles, trendy clothing, stylish purses, and of course, designer shoes, only to feel more lost and confused. I claimed I wanted to embrace change. I voiced it to all who would listen and sometimes I’d even say it to myself. Of course, my self was on to me. It knew the words I spoke were hollow. They’re for show. Just words. No actions. My self knew me too well, but I never knew My Self.

I cried and carried on that it was too hard, and that I was afraid. It seemed I was always entering a journey reluctantly, half-heartedly. A journey that inside my heart I knew would bring me to the next level, but nonetheless I went kicking and screaming, ultimately fighting the growth of the next level. I told myself I was authentic, but to be authentic I needed to let go of ego and begin living from my soul. The eternal question: Was I ready? The pain and the fear often paralyzed me because self-inflicted paralysis is the worst kind. I was paralyzed within my own mind. I was diseased, never completed the journey or lived life. It was the worst kind of disease.

So often we go about living our lives in a bubble, a protective environment subject to change by society’s expectations. We are slaves to conformity until one day when we can no longer deny we are living a joyless existence. One day we wake up and our soul is screaming for attention. It screams so loud others around us can hear it. We look different to everyone around us, we are misaligned and suffering. We are constantly living in drama and fighting with reality.

Finally realizing we have nowhere to turn but inward, we give in. We are forced to get quiet and look at ourselves, our authentic selves. So the true journey begins when we decide it’s easier to live authentically – once clearly defined – than to pretend. As we fight our way through the confusion and chaos we need to keep our sights on the vision, the vision that resides within, our Life’s Purpose. What one thing will you do today to feed your Life’s Purpose? Here’s hoping you are WILLING to embrace your growth and share your gifts with all of humanity.

Many Blessings,

Veronica Drake

Veronica Drake is a Holistic Life Coach and Intuitive Soul reader who supports people to live in harmony with their Soul. She is also the founder of Soul Expressions, a membership organization committed to growing our collective spirituality.

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