Grow Your Own Organic Foods

Grow Your Own Organic Foods – Unique and complete aquaponics systems contain all you need for growing organic foods at home
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Aquaponics – A Splendid Gardening Innovation
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Due to increasingly relaxed standards for labeling organic foods, unless I’m dealing with a company I’ve known for years, I always wonder just how organic the food really is these days. I have thought more than once about growing my own organic foods yet became overwhelmed by the idea.

Because it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find land that can even be certified for growing organic food, the idea of aquaponics is very alluring to me.

If you are like me and feel you can’t handle a full garden, you’ll be happy to know that there are now self-contained aquaponics systems you can purchase which allow for selective gardening. With an aquaponics systems, you can now grow organic fish and vegetables conveniently and efficiently at home.

The most popular of these right out of the gates has been the “Little Tokyo Aquaponics System”, which is the smallest and most suited for indoor or decorative gardening. At the top end our San Antonio, Phoenix, and Dallas models have the capability to raise edible fish and grow large amounts of fresh fruits and veggies!

DIY Aquaponics System

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