Following Spirit Guidance

Following Spiritual Guidance and Releasing Worry

Learning to go where Spirit guides

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Letting go of Worry so God Can Use You More

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I’m often asked how a person is supposed to go where Spirit guides when they have other commitments to honor. This is a question I received recently, and my response.

Question on Spiritual Living:
So you go where spirit guides you? I’ve been told this as well which is kind of confusing because I have children and a husband so I wonder how this will work but I trust that ways will open if this is what is meant to be.

Healing Facilitation Response:

I know it can be confusing when you have commitments and relationships. Believe it or not, it can still be confusing even without children or spouse. What I’ve learned is that Spirit will not guide you anywhere that is out of alignment with your Soul Path. If there is a conflict that pits you against something ethical or puts you out of integrity with the rest of your life, that is usually ego doing the guiding.

When I say I’m going where Spirit guides me, that might sound like I’m traveling or ready to jump in the car and go to the other end of the states or something. While I am ready to do that, it’s turning out that the guidance is a lot closer to where I am most of the time. For example, I might be guided to walk down a particular aisle at the supermarket, for an encounter that might only last a moment. Perhaps someone can’t find the antacid they want and I get an opportunity to suggest a natural alternative. It can be as simple as following guidance to look a certain way in a restaurant, to catch the glimpse of someone in pain or struggle and sending an energy support line.

If one trusts that Universal Life Force Energy is always about healing and lifting up, regardless of how it may feel to the ego self, then the concerns about how following that guidance may impact our other commitments can release.

As we open in the little ways to spiritual guidance, by walking down a certain aisle in the supermarket or looking in a certain direction in the restaurant, then God will open up the path in more and more expansive ways. However, it’s also important to remember that we never know exactly how important the smallest Spirit-directed action may be ….. a single energetic connection may open potential for many lives ready to shift.

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