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How do you know when a spiritual workshop is the right choice?
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Do you need a spiritual teacher?

Question on Healing: (This was paraphrased from a much longer email covering several questions) I took a spiritual class that just didn’t teach me anything new. Now, the same person is offering another class. It covers a spiritual gift I’d like to develop but it’s quite costly. How do I know if I’m supposed to do this or not?

Healing Facilitation Response:

Ask yourself why you continue to trust a woman with whom you have already had an unsatisfactory experience? Remove judgment about this person and just ask your soul….is there something still here for you and this spiritual teacher to experience together?

Open to the idea that it may have nothing at all to do with the class or the money. Those may be conditions set, points of reflection set by both your souls. When we reach those points of reflection, such as should I pay X amount of money for this, it’s less about the actual money and more about what our soul wants us to do.

I’ve hardly ever taken a class for what I could learn. I’ve taken them because I knew there was some reason my soul wanted me to be in that room, with those people. Sometimes the healing was karmic; sometimes I was there to be a healing influence for another; sometimes another was there to be a healing influence for me and … sometimes, I was there to be a healing influence for the teacher.

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