No Specific God

How do we pray to no specific God?
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The challenges of walking a spiritual path outside a structured religion

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When I got this email, it took me back to years ago, when I first realized that I had to step away from the fundamental Christian structure of my youth and embrace a more expansive view of God. It isn’t easy.

Question on Spirituality:

Like you, I don’t follow a specific path and I’ve struggled with that issue for a while. I wonder to myself if i need a specific path to follow or a teacher.

I don’t have a steady routine at all, I don’t have specific times to meditate daily, I don’t have a specific God, Goddess or saint that I pray to, I don’t have a specific place to go. Everyday I just keep in mind what I should be doing. My mind is constantly on the Divine and sometimes my mind succumbs to turmoil and confusion. Sometimes i wonder if I’m doing it right. My mind wavers a lot, and I think that I’ve been heavily influenced by certain teachings that actually end up making me so confused. My goal is to be One with God and I’m always wondering if what i do is preventing that frome ever happening.

Healing Facilitation Response:

It is incredibly challenging to walk without the structure of a religion or structured spiritual path. I know because I’m walking that way too, and sometimes stumbling, and sometimes laying completely prone in the world with no movement possible.

It’s been that way for me since I spiritually awakened, back in 1988.

Many is the time I’ve tried to filter into this belief structure or that, just for some sense of spiritual stability and belonging. My soul would not allow it and perhaps your soul will not allow you in much the same way.

I’ve called my spiritual path “blended tradition” for a long time now and even that isn’t really it. It’s no tradition, while taking truth from every tradition. Your path may be much the same.

If you are called to be one of those who shine the Light toward the breaking down of barriers based on spiritual structure, then all I can say is that all you are experiencing feels perfectly normal to me. I’ve learned I must make peace with the contradictions of being One and seeming separate from.

How do I make peace with my spiritual path?

It helps to connect with others of like mind, those of common feather as it were. You are doing that now so that’s a good thing. It seems to me a very typical fear is the fear of expressing who you are and having that essence rejected. It takes courage to face rejection for the sake of living an authentic life.

The miracle that begins to happen as we press forward with who we are is that, somewhere along the way, we detach from seeming rejection because we realize it’s not personal and not really even about us.

If you were looking for something, oh, anything. Let’s say you were shopping for green olives. You walk up to the counter and the clerk says “I never heard of green olives. We only have black olives.”

You might feel shocked that they didn’t know about green olives. However, you would not be personally offended, would you? If black olives are all a person knows about, there is no way on earth they are going to offer you a green olive or take one from you. It’s not about you. By the way, I love green olives and can never find them in restaurants…. guess that’s why I made that analogy, ha.

Making peace with those of different vibration emerges from a practice of acceptance, spiritual surrender and spiritual practice. Listening to vibrationally rich music, such as Snatum Kaur, helps me to stay focused on being rather than thinking. Meditation helps, as does walking and being in nature. Being with animals and children is wonderful. Staying in the now and being an astute observer of my own ego at work has been invaluable. Rather than getting caught up in the ego’s struggle with wanting to be heard and understood, I seek to hear and understand.

Everytime I do these things and stay out my head about whether I’m doing “it” right, I connect with others in a meaningful way without personal agenda. Everytime I do that, I move forward on my spiritual path in a way that is meaningful as well.

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