Emanation Field Manipulation

Solar Plexus Pain as a Symptom of Spiritual Acceleration
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Are You Letting People Manipulate Your Emanation Field

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Question on Spiritual Healing:

I am struggling with a symptom of acceleration. Whenever certain people come near me, I get this horrible pain in my solar plexus. They don’t always even have to come near me. Sometimes, I’ll get the pain and then they will call me. I am looking at it and standing in it but it’s tough.

Healing Facilitation Response:

I recently had an experience that may be helpful to you while at the The Omega Institute while volunteering there as seasonal staff. One of the perks of being seasonal staff at Omega is that you get to take all these cool classes…art, dance, healing. Of course, I gravitated toward the energy classes and healing classes so tried all of those. I had
just attended a class where the very first thing the teacher did was walk around the class, shoving in everyone’s energy field. When I saw what she was doing with each person, I had to decide whether I was going to allow that or not. I decided to let her manipulate my aura and experience what that felt like.

The first time she pushed everyone’s energy in, she pushed mine in past my normal state of emanation. It hurt my heart and did not feel good at all. I wondered why she wanted so badly for everyone to be small.

After this she took people from the audience and played around with asking them to expand their field. She would actually say “owww!” when their field met hers. I asked “does it actually hurt you when the other person’s field touches yours?” She said something to the effect that it made her uncomfortable and yes, hurt.

I voiced my concern about her manipulating energy fields. I felt she was determining what size everyone’s aura should be based on her own comfort level.

The reason I thought you might benefit from some of what that teacher said was that she has that same gut wrenching pain in her solar plexus whenever anyone else is in her field. She feels it in her solar plexus like you. She apparently copes with this by closing her energy down close around her and, at least in my experience of her, limiting her outside connection with others or manipulating (she says encouraging) their energy fields to be smaller.

I’m thinking that you could play with your energy field by bringing it close it to you whenever you feel those pains and maybe pulling your energy field in could help you stabilize when that’s happening?

Of course, the danger with that kind of practice is that it becomes a defense that goes beyond stabilizing to become the standard way of being….closed off and close.

One thing wonderful thing the same teacher did was that, later in the class when she once again went around the circle manipulating everyone’s energy field (by the way, I don’t think she ever expanded anyone’s field) she stopped at my normal, larger outward auric field. In other words, she honored my “larger than her comfort level” aura rather than trying to push me into the same state of diminished aura emanation as before.

If you try playing with expanding and contracting your emanation field outward from the body, you may find a “power spot” that feels right. I knew she found it the second time around and felt honored and respected a that point because she didn’t try to shove my energy inward past that point.

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