When Good People Have Bad Thoughts

When Spiritually Aware People Have Terrible Thoughts

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Random Evil Thoughts – Can Spiritual People Have Them and Still be Good?
Important: PLEASE READ!
As with all other content on this website that is written by myself, this response represents a spiritual perspective and a personal viewpoint. None of the information at The Healthy Choices Wellness Blog is intended to replace any necessary mental health evaluation, counseling or treatment. Be wise with your mind.

The following is a communication I had with someone who was deeply concerned because of negative thoughts they were having, thoughts they felt were evil and perhaps indicated some issue with their soul. All posts sent to me are confidential so I may have removed material from the communication below that could have identified the person who was asking for my help

Question on Healing: from an annonymous poster to the wellness blog

Along my spiritual journey I’ve had bouts of anxiety of unworldly thing. Things that no one around me could really help me with. Out of nowhere I became overwhelmed with the possibility of demonic beings capable of possessing people or the possibility that I was being fooled only for my soul to be lost in the end. Very strange and far fetched things.

I know that accounts of possession have happened to people and it really got to me. It was strange because I’ve never been one to be that afraid to the point that it was really effecting my mentality. I’ve never went through anxiety like this before. Usually when there is a form of panic around me, I’m the one able to ease others worries. However, it was like the fear of fear, the fear of weakness, and the fear of evil overcame me. With such a strong determination to be connected to the Divine, a sudden fear of evil grew within me.

For a while I was almost convinced that if those thoughts kept popping up, which they seemingly were…like a haunting and nagging force coming up the minute i found relief, that evil would truly consume me. I felt as though I was falling into a black hole of weakness, fear, and evil possession. Random thoughts of murdering someone close to me or suicide would haunt me.

I had no reason for this and no plans to commit either of these. The mere popping up of these thoughts of “what if i did that?” were what me. I’m by no means a violent person and never have been. I’m of a very quiet, gentle, and easygoing nature. Thankfully, I reasoned with myself, knowing that Godforce could be a rascal, for the sake of love and strength.

Anyway, such thoughts came back to me last night before going to bed. I tried to understand what would come of the souls who resisted the spiritual acceleration currently taking place. Having relatives who sometimes don’t understand me and my endeavors, I get paranoid about their souls specificially. But anyways such thoughts came back in a way that weren’t so personal, and I ultimately just feft lost.

Such thoughts like “What should I do next? How do I strengthen myself to resist resistance? How do I overcome the strangeness that could take place. I need help.”

Healing Facilitation Response:

The first thing I need to say is the mental health counseling is important. I know that some of the things you are discussing with me might lead a counselor trained in traditional health counseling to conclusions of mental health issues but I also know there are counselors out there who are safe; they will understand that thoughts like yours do not automatically mean you have a mental health condition. I’m only addressing the spiritual implications here and will leave mental health diagnosis to those trained for that purpose.

One of the more difficult challenges in the spiritual awakening process is to embrace fully what it means, at a core level, if we are all related and connected. It’s so easy to connect with what gives us bliss and joy; it’s harder to acknowledge the connection to those mindsets and collective consciousness thought forms that feel evil and dark. We are living in a vibratory universe, where there is a full spectrum of vibrational thought and feeling happening all the time.

Thoughts of suicide and murder, for example. If such are random, in my own experience of them, they are simply collective mindset frequencies I’m picking up. Any time I am stressed or disturbed, I’m more likely to be vibrating at a bandwidth that picks up that type of signal. In other words, when I am spiritual, mentally, emotionally and physically well, I have different thoughts and pick up different frequencies from the collective mindset of the planet. It is when I am compromised in some way, that I tend to receive signals that are of a lower bandwidth, signals one might associate with dark thoughts, evil thoughts, dangerous thoughts. I pick up such thoughts when most easily when I’m already in a more dense vibration of being … if I’m personally upset over something, unhappy about my life for some reason, or worried over something, the thoughts are more apt to come.

There are times when such thoughts do, indeed, signal a being in trouble and someone for whom some sort of intervention and treatment are necessary. When I counsel those who have such thoughts, I always begin with telling them that they should seek whatever form of mental health counseling and treatment that seems indicated, if at any time the thoughts begin to feel like something you are aligned with and could act on.

Random thoughts are one thing. Energized, emotional and detailed thoughts are another.

As for suicide thoughts, I don’t know a Light Worker who has been awakening since 1988 or so who hasn’t had them, both because it’s always in the field and because, well, we remember what it’s like not to live in duality and form. Even if we don’t think “suicide”, we do sometimes crave freedom from form and the density of the 3D reality. We remember being formless and only Spirit. When we remember that spaciousness and freedom of being, it can become more challenging to stay here in the flesh and mind with all the ego challenges and body challenges. In my experience, it hasn’t been so much a thought of suicide as a longing to go back home. Again, this is not coming from a mental health perspective but from a metaphysical, spiritual one.

I believe that it is normal for people to have these thoughts, even well-educated, fairly happy and spiritually aware people. Why? Because we are all part of the interwoven human thread of consciousness and as long as one of us thinks this way, all of us are effected. It’s the butterfly’s wing. The affect may vary greatly, depending on how much of a density of vibration we already carry and feel comfortable in living with. It’s normal also for fear of evil to exist. Possession, regardless of how it may look on the outside, is an agreement. It is usually a very unconscious agreement, possible because of vibrational resonance that we are not aware of within us or past life connection that contain some unresolved factor. Agreements can be re-negotiated at any point where sufficient awareness of them exists and intention to terminate or renegotiate terms is present.

What if I did that?

To consider what we are capable of is also a normal reaction for a Spirit living in human density and with complete free will. It is when we become aligned with that thought which carries the frequency of evil that acts of evil occur. If I were having your thoughts, I’d look deep first into my relationship with the people I’m thinking about hurting. I’d ask if there is any current life or past life issue that is unresolved between us. I’d also keep releasing my fear and moving more into love about the whole situation. I would say “I am having these thoughts” and “I know I’m not these thoughts” and “I choose love”.

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