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Nutrition to Tame an Inflamed System: A Mind, Body, Spirit Approach to Calming the Tissues

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I am aware that my body, for whatever reason, has been prone to internal inflammation. According to Louise Hay, the spiritual messages behind inflammation include fear thinking and inflammed thinking …. seeing red. I will own that entirely. I have been, my whole life, a rather intense person. What I feel, I feel intensely and that includes anger. Also, coming into an environment of abuse as a child, I learned to turn that rage and anger inward rather than outward because outward anger ended up making things worse for the ones I loved and for me.

So, I am aware of both the tendency to “see red” and also the tendency to overthink situations and get into fear about them. That having been said, I’ve also made great strides in transforming those personality default settings in my own life. Still, internal inflammation is something I have to watch as of now, just as a diabetic might watch their blood sugar levels or a hypertensive person check their blood pressure often.

In addition to self-monitoring and taking corrective action (natural anti-inflammatory support includes deep breathing, forceful, concentrated movement to move energy within the body, meditation, listening to spiritually charged music like that of Snatum Kaur, and other tools I’ve learned to use to shift anger and fear), I also take a practical approach in my diet.

Nutritional Choices to Tame Inflammation:

Anti-inflammatory nutrition for me includes more ginger, garlic, spinach, broccoli, almonds, red snapper, WILD-CAUGHT salmon (not farm-raised) etc. In addition to adding those foods that help with inflamed conditions, I’d avoid foods that do not help, such as refined sugars and nightshades like potatos and tomatos. Eggplant is another nightshade veggie..

Nightshades don’t bother everyone but if you have internal inflammation, you may want to foregoe them for a week to see if they might be triggering your symptoms.

I add anti-inflammatory tumeric to my diet or take Zyflamend. Some get good results with bromelain as anti-inflammatory nutrition. Bromelain doesn’t sit well with me. If you are thinking you’d get enough in fresh pineapple, it’s not likely. You’d have to eat a lot more than you’d want in a sitting or day after day. Better to supplement. By the way, canned pineapple doesn’t help at all.

They type of meat you eat is important to tame the inflammation response as well. Red snapper is good and also wild salmon. NOT farm-raised. I occasionally eat seafood. Otherwise, I am almost vegetarian at this point in time. If I were still eating beef, I’d make sure it was grass fed beef for the proper omega 3’s and not grainfed beef, which tends to have an unnatural and unhealthy balance of omega 3’s to 9’s and 6’s.. I’d also look for ethically handled cattle (to avoid the adrenalin infusion of fight of flight and disrespectful slaughter that is helping the entire world see red) and cattle never given steriods.

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