Detox Overload Symptoms

Fatique, circles under eyes and other detox overload symptoms
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Symptoms of a Detox Overload: Is Liquid Zeolite Responsible?

by Neva J. Howell

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Question on Detoxing:
I have a question about zeolite. I am usually very healthy, a rawfoodist (but eat cheese as well). Normally I have lots of energy and look very healthy.

Two months ago, I started a liquid zeolite detox, first with a couple of drops three times a day, and I built it up to three times twenty. After six weeks, I had finished my four bottles, which was supposed to be enough to get mercury out, which was my goal.

During the detox, and since, I’ve had thick eyes and lymfe nodes, feel tired, and my eyes have a blue circle around (especially under the eyes). I suspect that my kidneys are having trouble with the poison, but I’m not sure.

I haven’t taken any zeolite for two weeks now, but I still feel tired and half-ill. Do you have any idea what causes this, and what I can do to get better? Thanks a lot in advance!

Healing Facilitation Response:
I can’t say for sure if the zeolite is to blame for your symptoms. I would advise getting evaluated for kidney stress, to determine if and how much your kidneys may be congested.

However, I can say that the liquid zeolite I used a few years ago to clear out heavy metals most definitely affected my kidneys. In fact, I’ve had a slight struggle with kidney function, off and on, since then. I believe the zeolite was clearing heavy metals faster than my kidneys could excrete them. I have several amalgam fillings. I’ve been trying different mercury and heavy metal cleanses since then. Each time I try one for any length of time, my kidneys (mostly left one) start hurting so I back off again.

I may be having trouble with the language too (this writer was from outside the U.S.) but I think when you say you have “thick eyes”, you are meaning that you feel heavy-lidded, tired or sleepy since using the zeolite?

Fatique can cause circles under the eyes, as can allergies. They can also result from not eating right. I’m not sure they would be a direct symptom of kidney congestion, except that kidney congestion definitely can cause fatique, which might then cause the circles under your eyes. Drinking alcohol before going to bed can also contribute to puffiness and circles under eyes, as can tanning. This condition can even be inherited which, I’m assuming, is not the case with you if you did not have them before the zeolite cleanse.

Here lately, the guidance I got was to strengthen the kidneys before attempting to cleanse the rest of the heavy metals so that’s what I’m doing now. I take Azo Cranberry (don’t like the standard because it seems hard on my kidneys too) and also taking a homeopathic to strengthen the kidneys.

The one I like is from Apex Energetics and I additionally purchased their heavy metals detox formula as well. I don’t intend to use it though, til I’ve finished the kidney formula. Unfortunately, since the first time I ordered Apex Energetics products online, I haven’t been able to find them for purchase without being under the care of a holistic health practitioner. It’s unfortunate to see homeopathics taken out of the hands of the consumer but the company has apparently made that decision as of now.

The kidney formula I used (Apex Energetics makes several) is under the Regenrx category. I forget where I found the other Apex Energetics formula for detoxing (called Prodomer) but it addresses mercury from amalgam fillings and other types of heavy metals.

However, I then read about a product called PCA and it just was quite impressive. I still have the Prodomer tincture and may use it at some time in the future. For now, I got excellent results with the PCA heavy metals detox formula and without the side effects I have experienced with zeolite. I’m sorry to say the FDA has all but shut down the company that makes PCA so I don’t know when or if it will be available again.

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