Jim Humble Miracle Mineral Supplement

Master Mineral Supplement for Detoxing
Formerly known as Miracle Mineral Supplement

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Jim Humble supplement used to combat Malaria in Africa – is MMS safe to use for other purposes?

by Neva J. Howell

Update: 2016. The FDA is wanting to ban MMS. They say it is the same as bleach. Jim Humble holds that it is definitely not the same. Please review all info and make an informed decision.

I am just now researching online information about a supplement that used to be called Miracle Mineral Supplement. The name has been changed to Master Miracle Supplement, or MMS for short. MMS has been used by a man named Jim Humble in third world countries and Jim Humble credits this product in completely removing all traces of malaria in many documented cases. This health supplement is now all over the internet and proported to help such a wide range of conditions as to appear to justify it’s name. I ordered MMS and am trying it and I have to say that it has produced some positive results and also some that were anything but positive. I ordered mine from the company I’ve linked in the amazon widget and I recommend this company for good quality chlorine dioxide and citric activator.

While I feel that LOW doses of MMS taken for SHORT periods of time are safe for those who are otherwise healthy and who do not combine foods that interact with the Miracle Mineral Supplement, I also feel that not nearly enough is out there about which foods do interact and could cause negative if not dangerous interactions.

For example, and this is the same advice I would give if talking about any strong detox supplement, MMS can be hard on the liver and/or the kidneys. If someone has liver problems or kidney problems, I would suggest checking with their doctor before using MMS.

In addition, certain enzyme deficiencies or genetic defects can cause MMS to have an unwanted, negative result. If you know you have enzyme deficiencies or genetic defects, I would not recommend taking Miracle Mineral Supplement at all.

Because vitamin c neutralizes the effects of MMS, it must be avoided when taking MMS. If you have a vitamin c deficiency, you can see where this would not be advisable longterm. more on side effects of MMS. Also, some of the more popular antioxidants react with MMS and should be avoided.

My own decision, after having a terrible headache that lasted all day long was not to take any more of the supplement until I learn more about what can interact with it. I can confirm that I had unknowingly consumed stuff that does interact and assume this is why I developed the headache. I did not have it before. I had, in fact, taken also a nutritional supplement high in phenols, one of the types of antioxidants that are contraindicated with MMS.

Be wise with your health. There is ample information online from people whose lives have been dramatically changed by MMS in very positive ways. There’s enough of this type of personal feedback for me to not just throw out the baby with the bathwater.

However, given the amount of things that are known to interact (caffeine and other acid foods, alcohol, etc.) it behooves the person who plans to try the Master Mineral Supplement to really get out there and get the info they need to make an educated decision about using it. More on MMS interactions and side effects

This is all my opinion and experience and NOT provided here as any type of recommendation or substitute for medical evaluation and treatment.

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