Scientology Acting Class Experience

Scientology and Acting – A Match Made in Hollywood

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Is Scientology the Key to Mega-Stardom?

Have you noticed that some of the biggest money-earners in Hollywood tend to be scientologists? John Travolta, Nicole Kidman and, of course, Tom Cruise. I have posted several posts about Tom and Scientology and it may be helpful to first read those before reading this one specific to acting.

Tom’s youtube rant
Enneagrams and Dianetics

I had my intial experience with Scientology back around 1988 when I was in Los Angeles for the first of three trips there to explore a career as an actor in films and television. I remember reading the book on Dianetics that they were giving away then, to anyone walking down Hollywood Blvd. I got all the way to the end of the Dianetics book without significant spiritual conflict with the content or confusion about what was being presented. I understood what an enneagram was, and understood most of the scientology terminology about phenomenon. A lot of it made sense to me.

Then, I got to the end where I was informed that I could not “clear” myself but had to contact a qualified scientologist to do the “clearing”. I had a visceral reaction and felt quite duped at that point. I remember literally throwing the book across the room. I dismissed scientology then and really didn’t think about it at all for years and years.

Scientology Acting Class Experience:
My second experience was on yet another trip to Los Angeles to pursue acting. A friend and myself decided to attend a free acting class that was being offered in the Scientology headquarters because, hey, it was free. (By the way, if a free scientology acting class isn’t your cup of tea, try my free online acting class). Also, it promised to catapult our careers into the statisphere by clearing away what was hindering our best acting performance.

We walked in and I immediately felt some of the most oppressive energy I’ve ever felt in my life. I’m not kidding. It had the feel of what I would imagine a Nazi concentration camp might feel. As we walked by small trailers in a row, within which “clearing” was apparently happening as we walked, I felt as if I were entering a tremendously dense atmosphere.

It didn’t help that the scientologists who were busy with these clearing sessions in the tiny trailers along the walkway all had on khaki uniforms and were deadly serious, either, but I felt the energy long before I saw any of them. It came down over me like energy shackles and chains, as soon as we walked through the gates.

My friend and I walked on through to where the acting class was going to be held and we were both just sitting there waiting ….. well, after a little while we both, almost at the same time, looked at one another and said “let’s go”. We started walking out and both began to walk faster and faster. When we got to the car, my friend turned to me and said “I didn’t think they were going to let us go”. I had that feeling myself, as if actual physical restraint might have been used.

What’s a nice guy like John …..
There are people in scientology that confuse me; it confuses me that they are aligned with scientology. John Travolta, for example. To me, his heart doesn’t fit the Scientology profile. I want John to say what it is that calls him to this but so far, I haven’t really heard an interview with him on the subject. Maybe, since Tom has finally spoken out about the way things really are, John will too. That’s an interview I’d very much like to hear.

I do think scientology / dianetics fits Tom Cruise and is a good vehicle of transformation for him. I’m glad he has that and I have no doubt that Tom is helping, in a good way. My deep concern is that he may be blinded to any but one way of helping.

I even understand all the stuttering around and all the “you knows” and unfinished sentences and sentences like “and it was like….this is IT. this is IT”. It’s challenging to bring high spiritual concepts into words, words being about the most limiting and stilted form of communication that exists.

It’s a challenge to make words work as an adequate communication tool for imparting energetic truth. I watched his face more than I listened to his words, and I saw a sincere man. I saw a man who wishes to be of service. I saw a man who believes passionately in high ideals. I can support that.

ps. I loved what Tom had to say about the ride….this ride so many of us are on to assist the planet in transforming, healing, evolving… he said “it’s rough and tumble; it’s wild and woolly and it’s blessed”. Amen, Tom, and Aho.

2 thoughts on “Scientology Acting Class Experience

  1. Nicole Kidman is not a Scientologist now. She had to become a Scientologist because of Tom of course, but she soon ditched the cult once she had also saved herself and ditched Tom.

    The number of non-Scientology big movie stars far outnumbers the film stars who are Scientologists. Tom Cruise and John Travolta are the only “A-list” Scientologist movie stars I can think of (and the rumour is that JT may have ditched the cult anyway). Just two out of many dozens of A-lister names. In fact, it could be argued that being a Scientologist lessens your chances of becoming a successful actor.

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    theevilofscientology at gmail dot com

  2. Mike: Thanks. I didn’t know Nicole had dropped scientology. I don’t believe Tom and John are the only A-list scientologists, just the only two that have been vocal and out front about it.

    However, thanks for weighing in on the post. I hope John Travolta has moved away from dianetics, as you said, because I never felt he fit that type of spiritual structure. Of course, I don’t know him. Just a sense I had of him that he wouldn’t be in a cult.

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