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Question on therapies and visiting the Edgar Cayce Center

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by Neva J. Howell

Lymph Drainage, Chakra Report, Matrix Energetics at Cayce Center

Question on healing:
Have you ever been to Edgar Cayce’s Research Center in Virginia Beach? We are rv’ing and are in Virginia. I am thinking about going that way just to make a visit. Did you happen to do any of the spa services? I would really like to do the manual lymph drainage, a chakra healing report or a hydrotherapy.

Healing Facilitation Response:
Yes, I have. Neat old place with lots of character. The history breathes on that old porch. The health store there is great too. I liked walking in the bamboo park beside the center.

I didn’t get to try any of the spa services while I was there. I believe they have a Matrix Energetics practitioner. That might be a lot of fun for you.

I love that stuff. I wanted to see her when I was there because I’ve only experienced M.E. in the classes I took, getting short periods of work on students who were learning it just like me. I would like to experience a full session. My Favorite Matrix Energetics Energy Package

Manual lymph drainage is really powerful work and yes, it might help your sinuses. However, I don’t think I’d try lymph drainage during a vacation trip because it can sometimes detox a lot in even one session and it might be better to do that close to home.

I don’t know exactly what a chakra report is. If it’s one of those print-outs from a machine, showing your aura, it will only be as good as the person taking it is knowledgeable. I’ve had some of those that, for me, were not worth the money.

Let me know if you try M.E.

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I just visited the Edgar Cayce Center’s website to look at their hydrotherapies. If your main challenge is sinuses, I’d probably try that Cedar Cabinet Steam / Fumes Bath and a castor oil pack.

I’ve tried to give myself a castor oil pack on several occasions and it’s so messy that it would be very nice to have someone else apply it and take care of the mess afterwards.

The colon hydrotherapy might also provide some relief but, again, not on vacation. Sometimes, there can be discomfort after a colonic or cramping or additional release that might not be convenient while traveling.

I had not heard of the GlycoThymoline® Pack. It’s mentioned specifically for sinus problems though so that might also be a good option for you. That one sounds particularly yummy to me because they add in reflexology therapy, which is also great for clearing congestion anywhere in the body and it just feels so wonderful.

The ingredients in GlycoThymoline are pretty typically used for sinus congestion …. menthol, eucalyptus and pine oil, which Cayce was very big on. Also has oil of thyme, a fantastic antiviral and antibacterial.

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