Surrendering the World

Understanding How The Cosmic Shift Is Possible
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I Get It Now – The Final Surrender
Copyright, Neva J. Howell

Like most spiritually aware folks, I’ve been aware that we (the planet as a whole) are making a long-prophesied shift in consciousness. I understand that the “work” is over. I understand that the new reality is possible now, globally. I know that there is a new world and a new earth within touch.

Til today, however, I did not understand what I personally still needed to shift in myself to be able to access this new reality; this new earth; this new world.

My conflict had been that everyone is saying there will be so very many who choose to stay with the old reality; that we must leave them behind. Something about that contained sadness and, in truth, I felt judgment behind it.

Leaving them behind. Reminded me of that Christian series “Left Behind”. Those left behind didn’t have so good a time and a lot of the spiritual leaders and speakers today are saying the same thing about those they say we must leave behind as we bring in this new reality.

I was pondering why I felt so lost and alone in the world this week. I was standing in a whole foods grocery store, looking around at all the people and I had come on a definite mission. I wanted to find people who were vibrating at such a high level that I could see their Light around them so strongly that I’d know I was in the company of those who have stabilized the shift. I was looking everywhere. I wasn’t seeing what I was looking for.

Just then I got a call from my friend Kathy and shared what I was doing, looking for Light Beings who were vibrating at a visibly high level of energy. She said for me to look in the mirror. I said that I had done just that this morning and saw someone tired and old looking back at me. She reminded me of what I had taught her about looking outside for something or someone to complete us and how we must find everything we need within first.

Suddenly, as I continued looking out at all the flux of people going by, I realized….I had been looking in the wrong place. In fact, thinking there was a “place” to look had been the block. When I shifted out of relationship with the world I’ve always known since coming into this body 53 years ago, I realized that energy was what I had to look at, to find my path again.

The Final Surrender
I felt my vibration begin to rise instantly and everything looked differently. Then, I recognized the secret ingredient I’d been missing. Surrender. I realized I had to surrender this world, entirely and quite literally.

If I am to shift to the new world and reality my soul has been longing for and preparing for, I must give up the world and all it’s structure. I must learn to walk outside of it, surrender all the ideas about what I need, how things work, who I AM even. Let it all go.

But what about all those who choose to stay? My life work has been about helping those who want to shift to a higher vibration.

As I kept allowing myself to let go and allowing my frequency to rise, nothing seemed to change around me ….. except ….. as people walked back and forth around me, those who wanted to stay where they were literally did not seem to see me at all. I saw them and could have chosen to interact or not but they did not see me. Their world was not shattered or hurt because of my shift. I saw this clearly.

I also saw that, as I stood there beaming from this new reality, there were those who kept repeately walking back and forth by me and that on about the third pass, they would glance, and smile. Til then, it was as if I were invisible.

I don’t know how to express the peace this gave me. I realized that this idea of leaving people behind was not truly accurate. I realized I would be a breath away from connecting and that anyone who wanted to shift to where I was could do so in a breath.

I also realized that those who chose to stay at a lower vibration were just fine. Who was I to say they had to share this new world?

What a relief.

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