Going Walk-About in Walmart

A Different Kind of Walmart Experience

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Experiencing the New World in a Challenging Old One

I have always had a hard time going in Walmart. During times of deep spiritual transformation, I’ve been known to be found wandering around, as if lost, down the aisles. It took me a while to hone in on why this was happening.

There is such a strong pharmaceutical vibe there, with so many paying so much for medicine they can’t afford.

Then, those same hard-working folk take what precious little is left over after their prescriptions are filled, and walk the aisles, trying to figure out how best to spend the rest.

I decided to deliberately go walk-about in Walmart today, to test out this feeling of vibrational shift that I experienced yesterday.

Wow. Big difference. As in the health food store yesterday, most didn’t even seem to see me. I didn’t feel the old frequencies of desperation, financial lack and fear that I normally feel either.


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