Phase II Enzymes and Phytochemicals

Guest article on phytochemicals and Phase II Enzymes
from Eden’s Pathway Lifestyle Center

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This information excerpted from a larger article about nutrition’s role in helping the body fight disease, specifically cancer.

Science and research have substantiated that plant substances called phytochemicals play a significant role in defending our cells against free radicals and stimulating our immune system. Sulforaphane, a chemical in cruciferous vegetables, boosts the body’s production of phase II enzymes that cart off dangerous residues of procarcinogens, those cancer-causing precursors capable of damaging cellular DNA. Sulforaphane has been shown to have anti-tumor activity. Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, and kale all contain sulforaphane.

Phase II enzymes are important antioxidants produced in the body and sulforaphane turns them on. Phase II enzymes detoxify carcinogens and turn them into water-soluble substances that can be excreted by the cell. According to Dr. Dr. Bob Arnot, “Scientists have long known that all phase II enzymes are important and that the loss of even one can raise your risk of cancer.
GSTP1, or glutathione S-transferase, is a Phase II enzyme that is universally absent in prostate cancer cells but present in normal prostate tissue. GSTP1 is very good at detoxifying carcinogens. However, prostate cancers, breast cancers, and liver cancers all seem to inactivate GSTP1, says William Nelson, M.D., Ph.D., oncologist and antioxidation expert at John Hopkins University.

There is a lot of evidence that you can turn on Phase II enzymes All indications are that sulforaphane, a compound found in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, is the most potent compound for turning on Phase II enzymes. Medical experts believe that if we can raise the level of Phase II enzymes, you would establish a resistance to cancer. To be continued.

God Bless You,
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Eden’s Pathway Lifestyle Center


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