Fixodent and Polygrip Health Alert

Denture adhesives causing toxic zinc levels and copper deficiency

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Several popular denture adhesives have been found to cause life-threatening mineral imbalances

If you use Fixodent, Poligrip or Super Poligrip to secure your dentures, please be aware that it has been determined that these and some other denture adhesives contain zinc in amounts that, over time, lead to an over-abundance of zinc and even zinc poisoning.

Another side effect is that the zinc imbalance further affects copper levels, leading to copper deficiency.

Consumers are now being advised to switch to a zinc-free denture adhesive and there is information on those options below as well as information on the symptoms of having too much zinc or not enough copper in the body.

Partial list of symptoms of zinc poisoning or copper deficiency:
Problems with balance
Stomach Distress
Nausea and Vomiting
Joint Pain
Numbness in hands or feet
Unexplained pain or tingling in legs or arms
Drop in sperm count
Blurry vision
Tasting metal in your mouth
Weakness in hands, arms and legs
Cognitive decline
Ramsay Hunt Syndrome
Facial Tics
Intestinal Distress
Nerve sheath damage
and more

Partial list of symptoms of copper deficiency:

If toxic zinc levels end up leading to copper deficiency, the list of symptoms and side effects becomes even more extensive and alarming and includes:

Disturbances in brain function
High Cholesterol
Respiratory distress
Ruptured blood vessels including vessels in the heart
Joint Pain
Fatique and weakness
Hypochromic anemia
Skin Sores
Arterial rupture
Compromised thyroid function
and more

I’d suspect that anyone using these products for a year or more probably is in danger of having toxic zinc levels and / or copper deficiency.

If you have any of the side effects or symptoms listed below, please check with your doctor. Also, please consider switching to a zinc-free denture adhesive. One that I was able to find (I’m sure many others will be popping up in days to come) is called Secure Denture Adhesive. Others reported to be zinc-free dental adhesives (which I could not verify on their websites) are Sea-Bond and Effergrip.

CVS Pharmacy carried Effergrip and Walmart carried Seabond, which is actually not an adhesive cream but a cloth wafer coated in adhesive that must be cut and molded to the denture.

I couldn’t find any pharmacy chains or big stores like Walmart that carry Secure so you may have to order online. Hopefully, the folks who make Secure Denture Adhesive will soon have the product available in some large change where waiting for the order to arrive will not be necessary.

If you want to order online, here is the Secure Dental Products website.

4 thoughts on “Fixodent and Polygrip Health Alert

  1. If you wear dentures and are suffering from neuropathy, or know someone who wears dentures and have seen a steady decline in neurological function, it is likely the result of zinc poisoning from Fixodent denture adhesive.

    This product is likely to be found in the medicine cabinet of any denture wearer.

    admin note: I went to the site you had linked Joshua but didn’t see much more information there than what you have posted here. I’m happy to post to informational sites that give detailed symptoms or other information about this condition that would be of help to my readers. However, the page you linked simply goes to information about a law firm involved in fixodent lawsuits. It felt a bit too promotional for me. Feel free to come back and link to information that is more about the condition and less about the lawsuits.

  2. I’d be really hesitant to link any lawsuit website because I feel there is a feeding frenzy of litigation brewing around this issue and who would I trust to link as a resource? If there is a lawsuit website out there that cares enough to list extensive information to help potential clients decide if they do, in fact, have a reason to pursue litigation and to rule out those who probably don’t have a legal leg to stand on, I’m happy to link to that website.

    As far as I can tell, the ones most affected by this real danger of zinc toxicity and zinc-related neuropathy are those who are using more of the fixodent than recommended, due to loose-fitting dentures. Some who had developed the neuropathy were apparently using up to three times the amount suggested, which would mean more zinc swallowed, of course.

    I don’t think anyone is thinking, oh, fixodent should have known better than to add zinc to their product. I don’t even know if anyone would have thought it was a problem had it been listed as an ingredient. I think the key is education and stronger disclosure of all ingredients. I’m a bit more concerned over other ingredients that may also not be listed.

    It’s my feeling that, because denture cream gets absorbed or swallowed, all ingredients should be listed as they would be for cosmetics or food.

    And any ingredients that could cause a problem at higher than recommended dosages should be noted and a caution added for each.

  3. <p>I have changed to Equate denture cream from Wal-Mart, as I have read that ist is zinc-free. I even saw this verified on the Wal-mart website, but am still not totally sure, and as I am suffering problems I think may be related to this, I am wondering does anyone else know for sure whether it truely is zinc-free or not? Thanks.</p>

    admin note: changed email to non-click link to discourage spam harvesters
    If you have additional info on Walmart’s Equate Denture Cream for Lori, you may reach her at

    comcast dot net

  4. Lori:

    I am going to attempt to contact someone at Walmart’s consumer support department to get a definitive answer for that question. I’d also like to know what else is in the Equate Denture Formula. That’s one of the concerns I have with all such products. Most don’t even say what is in them at all and I feel, since they are in contact with the mouth and may be swallowed, ingredients should be listed.

    I did want to say that it will be good to see a doctor to rule out other causes for your symptoms, especially if you don’t use a lot more of the dental cream than recommended or haven’t been using it for more than a year or two.

    I suspect most who genuinely do suffer from denture-cream related health challenges will be those with loose-fitting dentures who have had them loose for a long time and have consistently used a lot more of these dental products that contain zinc than is suggested.

    I’ll post back here when I have something from Walmart about the Equate Denture Cream ingredients so please register and subscribe to this category to get the answer as soon as I post it here.

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