Zinc-free dental adhesive information

Dental products customer service list and list of zinc-free dental powders and creams

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Demanding more accountability and ingredient listing disclosure from dental adhesive manufacturers is a very good idea for denture wearers

The recent findings about zinc toxicity and resulting copper deficiency that is associated with the zinc in Fixodent and Polygrip dental adhesives is about more than just zinc.

It is highlighting a pervasive absence of ingredient information that is troubling. Some companies don’t even list the ingredients at all. Because dental adhesive is not a food, I guess it isn’t regulated by the FDA. However, consumers have the right to ask manufacturers some hard questions about ingredients and should ask them.

I advocate contacting the companies directly and asking, directly, exactly what ingredients their products contain and, of those ingredients, how many are inert (cannot be absorbed by the body) and how many can be absorbed by the body as in the case of the zinc in Fixodent and most Polygrip dental adhesives.

I’ve listed the customer service numbers of as many makers of dental adhesives and dental powders as I could find online. If you are using one of the brands listed, why not give a call and let the company know you are concerned and that you want more information to be forthcoming about ingredients and ingredient safety?

Then, research each ingredient. Just because it is a zinc-free dental adhesive doesn’t mean it’s safe for longterm, daily use.

For example, there is a dental adhesive called Klutch that I found online. It is one that actually lists it’s ingredients and it is a zinc-free dental adhesive. Klutch contains karaya powder, acacia gum, sodium borate, and methyl salicylate.

One of those ingredients in Klutch dental adhesive, methyl salicylate, is also used in muscle rubs and there have been reported and documented cases of toxic overload in the body from those applications. Read more about methyl salicylate overdose here. How much methyl salicylate is in Klutch?

Who is to say that the in Klutch might not also cause toxic overload with daily use as a dental powder?
Another ingredient in Klutch dental powder that looks suspect to me is sodium borate, which is a toxic substance though used in cosmetics. How much is in Klutch?

Customer Service Numbers for Manufacturers of Dental Adhesives and Powders
I could not locate a customer service number for the Klutch dental powder or a few others. Here are the ones I could find online.

Fixodent Dental Products
Proctor and Gamble

At the point of this post, I’m told that ALL fixodent products contain zinc. Their recording says the amount of zinc is equivalent to what would be in a multi-vitamin. Most people take multi-vitamins every day so, on the surface, that would seem to mean most people with dentures who use fixodent are getting at least twice the amount of zinc that is recommended (assuming the multi-vitamin contains the recommended daily supplemental dosage of zinc) for daily consumption, at the very least.

Polygrip and Polident Dental Products
M-F only
1-866-640-1017 (Poligrip)
1-866-844-2796 (Polident)

According to the online information, Poligrip denture products contain 38 mg of zinc per gram. Among the poligrip product line, there are two products that do not contain zinc. The zinc-free options with this company are Super Poligrip® Comfort Seal® Strips, Powder, and Super Poligrip® Free.

Zinc-free Denture Products contact info: The products listed below are reported to be zinc-free alternatives to Fixodent and Poligrip. However, as mentioned above, I’d advise calling the company, finding out what is in these products and deciding for yourself if they are, in fact, safe for longterm use.

Secure Denture

This product is listed as zinc-free on the website and also listed as being waterproof and tasteless. Secure also promises complete adhesion, preventing food particles from getting trapped between dentures and gum.

OK, and is it safe? I have an email in to this company, asking about the ingredient list. As yet, I have not heard back. Polyvinylacetate and Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) are the listed ingredients. From my own research online,

M-F only

I can’t locate and ingredient list for Effergrip. It does not contain zinc. What does it contain?

Seabond Dental Wafers
Combe Incorporated

Note this is not a powder or cream but a cloth-like wafer treated with adhesive. I could not locate an ingredient list on the website, except a note that says a Seabond wafer contains 7 mg of sodium untrimmed and what I assume is an average of over 3 mg when trimmed to fit.

Permasoft Denture Relines
Perma Laboratories

Permasoft is not technically a dental adhesive. It is a soft reline for dentures.

Permasoft is listed as zinc-free. However, what is in it? The Perma Laboratories website says to refer to fda.gov for more information. I could only find one reference to permasoft in searching the website files and it referred to an entirely different reline product called Tokuyama TissueCare.

Super Wernets is zinc-free as well. However, I am told that product has been discontinued and all that is left of it is whatever inventory is still listed online. Last time I checked you could still get Super Wernets thru amazon.

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